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Mindset – Being Empowered To Manage Your Stakeholders With Papa Akuffo

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Rosemary King welcomes Papa Akuffo to Mindset. Papa is currently Product Management Lead at Ideo. He previously held senior product roles at Pivotal Labs.

In this episode, Papa and Rosemary discuss stakeholders, the importance of qualitative, human data, and draw from their own experiences and expertise to answer questions from the Mind the Product community.

“An opinion fight with a HiPPO is a fight you’re always going to lose!”

– Rosemary King

Show Notes

12:41 | My biggest product problem is stakeholder management. Do you have any advice on dealing with this?

23:04 | How do we get executive buy-in when an idea comes up that is not directly related to the current goals direction?

32:58 | How to get stakeholders to give problems not solutions?

42:27 | Product management Is being excluded from my company’s product strategy. How shall I deal with this?



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About Mindset

Mindset is a Mind the Product series featuring expert product thinkers. Speaking with Rosemary King, they give helpful answers to product practice questions collected from our training workshop attendees and the greater Mind the Product community. Discover more episodes!

Rosemary King interviews Papa Akuffo for Mind the Product
Rosemary King welcomes Papa Akuffo to Mindset



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