Are you tracking the right product metrics?

BY Eira Hayward on March 27, 2023

Metrics can be a minefield for the unwary – navigating your way to find the right metrics is one of the hardest parts of a product manager’s job. What do you need to know to make a go of it? Read more »

Tips for successful stakeholder management

BY Eira Hayward on March 13, 2023

One of the attributes that sets great product managers apart from the good ones is their ability to manage stakeholders. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of some of the best advice we’ve found to help you move from good to great. Read more »

ProductTech: The industry, the discipline, have we gone too far?

BY Becky Yelland on March 10, 2023

Is it time to stop the product management obsession with frameworks and methodologies – are they over-complicating the work Read more »

3 tips for product managers at companies learning how to do product

BY Marta Rolak on March 7, 2023

For those who work at a company undergoing digital transformation, there’s little advice out there on how to deal with some of the challenges that product managers face in places like that. Based on her experience of being in a similar situation, Product Leader Marta Rolak shares some of her tips to tackle this. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Building a product without any full-time product managers

BY Eira Hayward on March 5, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back to a 2022 post from Francesco Wiedemann on how small teams can achieve growth without the need for full-time product managers. Francesco says  you can build an effective operating team of up to 30 people without a full-time product manager. He explains how at his startup Kyte all three co-founders Read more »

Fighting product-market drift by Dave Wascha

BY Ian Haynes on March 3, 2023

In this ProductTank Lagos talk, Dave Wascha, Zoopla’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, shares his insights on fighting product-market drift effectively. Product-market fit Dave opens by explaining product-market fit. He says product-market fit happens when a company creates the right product to address customer needs. However, many businesses, including established companies, miss this mark. And Read more »

February's top product management content

BY Eira Hayward on February 28, 2023

From case studies to pricing strategies and career advice, February was another month of wide-ranging articles from Mind the Product, with something for everyone, no matter where they are in their product career. Read on to catch up on popular content that you may have missed. Read more »

Vidya Srinivasan: An original product manager

BY Eira Hayward on February 27, 2023

Vidya Srinivasan has many strings to her bow. She’s a senior product manager, public speaker, patent holder, a diversity and inclusion advocate and a classically trained Indian singer who has spent her career to date working for big tech companies. She went from a master’s in computer science to an internship at Microsoft where she Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Thinking big, working small by John Cutler

BY Eira Hayward on February 19, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind is an #mtpcon London+EMEA session from John Cutler, now Senior Director of Product Enablement at restaurant technology vendor Toast,  that explains how product managers can be strategic and think big while staying agile and small. John says that in most companies, the timelines for business strategy (1 to 3 years), making bets Read more »

How to thrive as a product manager in a product-led growth organization

BY Yann Sarfati on February 16, 2023

In this post, Yann Sarfati, Co-founder and CEO at startup Userled, offers some advice on succeeding as a product manager in a product-led growth business What’s in a name? When it comes to product managers, quite a lot is up for debate. Product management job descriptions have been a moving target for some years, but Read more »