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A Product Management Conference – Designed for you


As 2019 draws to close MTP Engage Manchester 2020 creeps ever closer, and if you’re yet to buy your ticket, now’s the time. Here we remember the best bits from the 2019 conference and look forward to some of the exciting things you can expect next year.

What’s the Focus?

The 2020 conference focus is simple – it’s you and more specifically, your personal and professional development.

We’ve chosen this theme because you’ve told us it matters. In fact, in an online poll, 63% of you told us that professional development is a priority – something you consider to be super valuable.

MTP Engage Manchester 2020 is all about attendees
In 2020, MTP Engage Manchester is all about attendees

Investing in your own professional development is tricky but 74% of you are managing to invest up to two hours a week. Most of you, however, wish you could do more – that’s where we come in!

At MTP Engage, in just one, single day – from 9:30am till 6pm – we’ll ensure you get the opportunity to soak up as much learning and advice on personal and professional development as you possibly can.

Our amazing line-up of speakers will deliver talks which are designed to help and inspire you to grow as a product manager and achieve your goals. That line-up includes John Cutler, who recently spoke to Mind the Product about his own career journey.

In The Unintentional Career of John Cutler, the first in our new series of profiles, John explains how he went from touring musician to product evangelist. An inspiring read for anyone who’s journey into product management hasn’t been particularly conventional.

John Cutler speaking at MTP Engage Hamburg
John Cutler, is no stranger to the MTP Engage format

Three of our session speakers, Oluwatobi Otokiti, Sally Brogan and Stewart Livingstone (who’ll all be hitting the MTP stage for the first time), also got us thinking about the different ways to carve out the career you want. In their article,  Product Management Career Progression – how Varied are the Paths? we learned just how different the career progression can be for people in product, as well as the important characteristics most people seem to have in common.

What You’ll Discover

To get ahead of the game you can plan your conference day in advance by checking the schedule to see who’s on when. But we’ve also been chatting with our speakers and organisers to better understand what you can expect on the day.

During three quick-fire interviews, session speakers Lucy Spence, Shaun Russell, and Joe Leech told us to expect a brief nod to dogs, advice on confident decision making and to learn things about yourself that you never knew!

Joe also shared his tips on making the most of the day.

“Come armed with questions about the challenges you’re facing, be that with stakeholders, teams, tech, process, tools – ask your questions and ask for help,” he said. “On the day you will literally have hundreds of product managers on your side!”

Read what they each had to say in full here.

What Makes MTP Engage Different?

In the latest episode of Mindset, MTP Engage Manchester organiser Adam Warburton explained how the clue to this question is in the name. “It really is that sense of a conference that engages people,” he said.

Networking at MTP Engage Manchester
At the conference, use the breaks to engage with other product people in your community

This engagement, he explained, is partly fuelled by the line-up of local speakers who attendees can easily link up with on the day and reach out to after the event. They’re people in the local product community who are as excited about networking and learning as the people in their audience.

“We had stories last year of mentors and coaches and groups that formed. There’s even a coffee morning that formed off the back of the conference,” said Adam.

Who You’ll Meet

As well as speakers, fellow product people and, of course, the Mind the Product team, you can also meet our sponsors including Yellowfin, Amplitude and ProdPad. Simply head to their stands where you’ll meet their teams who’ll be on hand to answer your questions, and to learn about you and your work.

Chat to our conference sponsors – they’re product people like you!

“We’re excited to meet with the Mind the Product community in Manchester for the first time,” says Shawn Deegan, GM, Yellowfin BI. “Building amazing products is about creating great customer experiences. It will be great to talk to product owners about the value of their data and how they can modernize applications with AI-powered data analytics.”

Following on from 2019…

While the next MTP Engage Manchester will be focusing on you, the 2019 conference focused on the city itself – specifically, what its long tradition of innovation and non-conformity has taught us as product managers.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester
Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester kicked off 2019 conference

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, kicked off the conference with a focus on Manchester’s digital ambition. Then it was on to keynote sessions.

Take a look to remind yourself what was covered.

We’re counting down the days until out next #mtpcon hit and thankfully, with Manchester on the horizon, we don’t have long to wait. We hope to see you all there – buy your ticket here!

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