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Video: The Coolest Job in the World

Imagine being just like James Bond. When 007 walks into an exclusive bar, the barman recognises him and pours his vodka martini (shaken not stirred, of course). You don’t see Bond having to pull out his wallet to pay, he is automatically extended credit.  At ProductTank January, Yuval Samet (@yuvalsamet) of Klarna talks about how they enable these “James Bond” user experiences by streamlining the checkout flow.

As Chief Product Officer at Klarna, Yuval claims to have the coolest job in the wold.  He flew in from Stockholm to talk at ProductTank about how Klarna has grown to handle over 30% of Sweden’s e-commerce transactions, outlining key success factors and experiences along the way.

In this talk, Yuval demos their slick checkout process, one which has resulted in a thirty percent increase in conversion, and talks about how the strong product management culture, from top to bottom, has contributed to their success.


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