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Video: Stripe uses Product as a Competitive Advantage "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 24 January 2014 True Competitive Advantage, ProductTank, Video, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 140 Product Management 0.56
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Video: Stripe uses Product as a Competitive Advantage

How can an API for payments, admittedly not the most alluring of products, still garner so much love from its users? Andy Young (@andyy) asked the same question at ProductTank January.

Andy works on UK things at Stripe, a company in the payments space that just yesterday got funded with a valuation of $1.75B, talked about how product can be a competitive advantage.

Andy argued that creating a product that is only ten percent better doesn’t create a sustainable advantage, for competitors can easily catch up. But by having a clear, total focus on building a better product, Stripe was able to build a significantly better offering.

In this talk, Andy discusses how Stripe was able to break traditional molds and find a product process that worked for them… including having completely transparent emails and no product managers at all!

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