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Video: Mobile Product Design for the Real World

Building for the mobile era today is akin to the early television era.  We’re right at the beginning and we’re just starting to see the effects of the mobile revolution.  Think, the first real mobile app store is only 6 years old.

Runar Reistrup (@runarreistrup), CEO at Depop, was building for mobile years prior, when there was no easy way to distribute apps.  At ProductTank Feburary, he discussed how mobile product design is still incredibly difficult to do well.  He argued that too many of the big names in tech are still getting mobile all wrong, and showed how the new mobile era is ushering a new wave of disruptive and brave companies.

He compared the likes of Addison Lee to Uber, Seatwave to YPlan, eBay to Depop, and showed how the big names with buying power (Facebook, eBay, Google, etc.) simply buy up their mobile counterparts – coincidentally, Runar was speaking the same evening that it was announced that Facebook had acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion!

In this talk, Runar covers straightforward examples of what works and doesn’t work in mobile product design, and how to design for the new mobile era.

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