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Video: Getting the Most from Your User Research

User Research Throughout the Product Lifecycle was the theme of January’s ProductTank. This video shares Rosemary King’s talk on getting the most out of your user research and interviews, and how to overcome common mistakes.

A Product Manager at Pivotal Labs, Rosemary highlights a number of what she calls “user research anti patterns” to highlight the reasons your user research might not be effective. These include the mistakes and excuses companies all use at one time or another (does “I don’t have the bandwidth” sound familiar?) and this video sets out tips and solutions to deal with these situations.

Watch the video to see Rosemary explain the art of not inserting yourself into the conversation between the customer and the product, how to build trust in user interviews and, most importantly – the questions themselves (don’t touch the lava!). The talk identifies best practice techniques useful to all product managers and anyone working in user research.

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