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Tools for agile product teams by Gavan Moule

In this #mtpcon Digital APAC session, sponsored by Lucidspark, the company’s customer success manager Gavan Moule takes us through ways we can facilitate Agile workshops and team working using Lucidspark virtual whiteboards. With so many of us working remotely, tools such as these are really coming into their own.

Watch the talk in full or read on for the overview. Mind the Product members can also watch the recordings of all our #mtpcon Digital APAC talks here.

Managing the product redesign flow with Lucidspark

Gavan starts by taking us through an example of a product redesign flow and shows us how the seamless integration between products in the Lucidspark visual collaboration suite can help product teams to manage this flow efficiently.  Because Lucidspark is designed to be a whiteboarding tool it has features like sticky notes and drawing “you can jump in, grab a pen and draw,” says Gavan, “it’s a really easy way to collaborate between team members.” You can also add notes, tag and use emojis within Lucidspark, he says, which all help with ease of use.

Gavan calls the gather and sort feature within Lucidspark one of its “hero” elements. He shows us how it allows you to gather by sticky note, keyword, reaction, colour, tag and so on, and then sort them so you can more easily hone in on what’s important.

Getting the most out of Jira tickets within Lucidspark

Gavan then demonstrates Lucidspark’s integration with Jira and shows us how to manipulate and get the most out of Jira tickets within Lucidspark. “It’s a really diverse and efficient way to structure Jira integrations,” he says. “It’s also really handy for sprints when you want to get things off the ground quickly.”

Accessing team tools

Next, Gavan runs through the use of team tools in Lucidspark. These allow you to do things like set timers, use voting, and set up breakout boards. You can also set permissions, and create shareable links and set up anonymous guest access for those times when you’re working with external collaborators.

Lucidspark has a large number of customisable templates available to users, says Gavan, and he finishes his demonstration by taking us through how you might use a template to get started in the product.

Visit Lucidspark to find out more and discover a library of content on Product Development Process or use our Content A-Z to find even more product management content.

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