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Scaling Product Teams: In Defense of Process by Spectra (Adaora) Asala


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Spectra (Adaora) Asala at mtpcon

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital keynote, Spectra (Adaora) Asala, GM and VP Product, Soapbox at Wistia looks at how you can use process to translate ambiguous challenges into accessible playbooks as your organisation scales.

Watch the video to see the talk in full. Or read on for an overview of Spectra’s key points:

  • Process is what you make of it. Don’t see it as restrictive and controlling, rather as principles to follow which serve the team and the company’s goals. It should be empowering and build confidence.
  • Process is particularly useful in onboarding and training. It provides templates for discovery, prioritisation and delivery.
  • Process facilitates inclusion, from combating bias in interviews to consistent standards and criteria for career advancement.
  • Process allows you …

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