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Public Service Product Management – Tom Loosemore on The Product Experience


Tom Loosemore

Over the last decade in the public sector, there’s been a global explosion in citizen and resident-centered design and development, with movements in the UK, Estonia, Australia, Canada, USA, and many more strengthening their approaches. Where it’s been done well, it’s made a huge difference.  At the same time, civil services are always facing budget and recruitment challenges, to say nothing of issues stemming from regulatory requirements, technology, suppliers, and legacy decisions.

If we’re really going to Build Back Better, how can we overcome the challenges in the sector?  We asked Tom Loosemore, partner at Public Digital, to chat with us about doing product work in the public sector.

In this episode, sponsored by Yellowfin, listen to learn about:

  • Working in public service tech
  • Initiating change in a large organisation
  • Whether digital can solve everything!

Quote of the Episode

The real organising job here is to help reinvent and reassert government, not bring your digital shizzle to the table and wow people with it. I would come to the table with enormous humility around those who’ve endured the last 4 years, and also enormous excitement. The organising challenge is rebuilding the institutions, not doing shiny, sexy solution stuff with added AI blockchain nonsense.

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