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AMA with Christina Wodtke: Encouraging Autonomy and Writing Awesome OKRs


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Christina Wodtke Mind the product AMA

In this Prioritised AMA, Christina Wodtke – the amazing author, speaker, and lecturer at Stanford, answers questions on her books, how to encourage autonomy, writing OKRs successfully and even reviving them when they’ve failed. If you’re a Prioritised member you can watch again now and read the full recap. Not already a member? Sign up to get in on the action.

Christina’s resume includes re-design and initial product offerings with LinkedIn, MySpace, Zynga, Yahoo! and others, as well as founding three startups, an online design magazine called Boxes and Arrows, and co-founding the Information Architecture Institute.

She uses the power of story to connect with audiences and readers through her worldwide speaking engagements and her Amazon category-bestselling books. Her bestselling book,

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