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MTP Engage Manchester is Back Next Year – and it Will be all About you "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 13 June 2019 True #Mtpengage, mtp engage manchester, Product Management, product management conference, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 878 Product Management 3.512
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MTP Engage Manchester is Back Next Year – and it Will be all About you

MTP Engage Manchester will be back on the 6th and 7th February 2020 – and better than before. We received lots of positive feedback and suggestions of what we might do differently after this year’s event, and we’ve listened to this feedback to pull together what we hope is a conference that beats expectations. Build, measure, learn; we practise what we preach!

Didn’t come to MTP Engage Manchester this year? Here’s what you missed out on:

We come together to share our stories and our knowledge, to learn and to grow our networks. This year’s conference delivered on this – and then some! We got 24 of the world’s best product people on stage at Manchester Central and covered pretty much every element of managing products and what influences them.

We’re making some changes for next year based on our retrospective wall and the feedback we received. Some will be surprises, but we can already confirm a few small improvements that will make a big difference;  bigger breakout rooms, better air conditioning, and the voice of God will return! Our favourite feedback for something to improve on was:

Given it’s Manchester in February, we can’t guarantee no rain, but we’ll do our best…

The Year of you

2020 will be the year that the conference will focus on YOU. The day will be jam-packed with things you can do and learn to enhance your personal development. Talks will focus on topics from the career ladder for a product manager, personal presentation tips and tricks, through to new methodologies you can apply to become better at your craft. We’ll look at:

  • Growth. The conference will be about how you can grow both personally and professionally. It’s about inspiring you to achieve your goals in whatever form they may take.
  • Learning. Just like other #mtpcon events, learning is central to the day. And more than that, we want you to learn from your peers, so we’ve built a conference around collaboration and problem-solving together.
  • Progression. Whether your next step is improving in the craft of product management or moving into leadership, we’ll focus on progressing the skills and abilities you’ll need to take the next steps in your career.


We’ve lined up some incredible speakers from around the world to bring to the main stage at Manchester Central once again. We’ll be starting to announce our speakers from July, so stay tuned!

We have some open session speaking slots that we’d like to fill with talks from our product community. We’d love to hear from people with something interesting to share: a fascinating case study, practical advice on a tool or methodology, inspirational, uplifting stories, or anything else that lines up with our theme. Think you’ve got something? Great! Get in touch and submit your application by completing the form here.

We’re also committed to getting more people on stage who might not have done any public speaking before, either due to a lack of opportunity or lack of confidence. We’ll be working with four people from our product community and putting them through public speaking and confidence coaching to help them take to the stage next year. Details will follow shortly – so be sure to follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear about it.


This year we ran four full-day, deep-dive workshops the day before the conference. They went down brilliantly, and we’ll be doing the same in 2020. Tickets for the workshops go on sale in July. We’ll share full details in the coming weeks, but you can expect to see popular workshops on Product Management Foundations, Essentials, and Product Metrics return, as well as workshops on new topics.


Once again we’re on the lookout for volunteers to help us. If you’d like to help out on the day then we’ll be opening applications shortly. Again, be sure to follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear about this.


This year some of you said you’d prefer to know the schedule upfront. Well, you said, we did. The schedule is live already, and you can see it here. The format through the day is the same as this year, but the lunch and breaks will be longer, and we’re giving you more time to switch rooms during the session talks. We start with three keynote talks, and then a break. Then we’re into the session talks, with two talks before lunch and three after. Then after a final break, we’re back into the auditorium to finish up with another three fascinating and insightful keynotes.

And then to our memorable after party. We’ll be staying in the venue once again next year for food and drinks after an intensive day of product learning.


Early Bird tickets will be on sale on Thursday, 27th June at 10am BST and they’ve got £100 off the cost of a full-price ticket. These are limited to one per transaction, so be sure to mark your calendar as there is a limited quantity available!

If you’d like to know more about the 2020 conference, head to mindtheproduct.com/manchester

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