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Monthly Members Roundup – July


Well, that’s July done and dusted and what a month! Now’s the time to circle back around and check out anything you might have missed. Here’s this month’s Mind the Product Membership roundup, and what’s coming up in August.

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#mptcon Digital Videos and Recaps

If you joined us for #mtpcon Digital you’ll have had a front-row seat – from the comfort of your own home, of course – to the hottest product talks of the year so far (if we do say so ourselves). BUT we know there was a lot to see and so, as an MTP Leader or Prioritised member, we gave you immediate access to all #mtpcon Digital keynotes.

The #mtpcon Digital 2020 Keynotes

Available to MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
You can check out all of the incredible keynote talks from Matt LeMay, Christian Idiodi, Gibson Biddle, Nancy Douyon, April Dunford and Jimena Almendares right now. We’ll add writeups of each talk to the pages and publish them on your dashboard as and when they’re ready.
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We’ll also be releasing all 18 Breakout Session talk videos in groups, on a weekly basis. We’ve released eight, in two groups, already:

Product Strategy and Skill Development

Available to MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
Four sessions with C Todd Lombardo, Gabrielle Bufrem, Jeff Gothelf and Jeff Patton.
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Understanding Users

Available to MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
Four sessions with Joe Leech, Kristen Berman, Steve Portigal and Alicia Dixon.
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Nancy Douyon showing the images that represent phycisist
Our #mtpcon session and keynote speakers (including the awesome Nancy Douyon pictured here) blew us away!

Deep Dives

For you, our Mind the Product members, skimming the surface will never be good enough. There are certain topics where we want to get stuck in and this month, deep dives were our focus. Here’s what we covered in July:

How do you Help a Business to see the Value of Product

Available to: MTP Leaders
It’s no secret that many product managers face this problem. So, we decided to delve into the problem, and how to tackle it, by speaking with a selection of product leaders. They shared their thoughts and advice on helping business to see the value of product.
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Presenting for Product Managers

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
Working with experts at Speak2Me and our very own Martin Eriksson and Emily Tate, we created this guide, helping you to hone your presentation skills for the workplace and the big stage, both on and offline.
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presenting to your team shutterstock
Our experts gave you the lowdown on presenting (Image: Shutterstock)
Developing Presence and Confidence

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
In addition to our presenting guide, Olena Skyrta, co-founder of Speak2Me, shared even more advice presenting with a focus on vocals, gesture and movement. Having suffered from performance anxiety herself, she reveals the tips, tricks and techniques she’s found useful.
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The Value of Mentoring for Product Leaders

Available to: MTP Leaders
Product leader Adam Thomas reveals the importance of mentoring for those in leadership roles and explains how the process has shaped the way he leads today.
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Welcome, New Members!

If you’ve recently signed up and you’re just starting to get stuck into your membership, welcome aboard! We hope you’re enjoying it and, if you want to have a poke through previous monthly roundups, feel free:

Coming Soon!

Week Commencing 3 August

  • #mptcon Digital Breakout Sessions: Leading Product Teams with Success (featuring sessions with Denise Jacobs, Christina Wodtke and Adam Thomas)
  • AMA: Mina Radhakrishnan (5 August) – Can’t make it? We’ll share the video and writeup on 6 August)
  • #mptcon Digital keynote writeup: Inclusive Design: Dreams and Disasters by Nancy Douyon

Week Commencing 10 August

  • #mptcon Digital Breakout Sessions: The Product Manager’s Role (featuring sessions with Petra Wille, Hope Gurion and DeVaris Brown)
  • Deep Dive: Roadmapping – the Definitive Guide
  • #mptcon Digital keynote writeup: Product Positioning by April Dunford

Week Commencing 17 August

  • #mptcon Digital Breakout Sessions: Being Effective and Efficient in Product (featuring sessions with Bruce McCarthy, Jonathan Hassell, Amber Kearney and Maggie Crowley)
  • #mptcon Digital keynote writeup: Thinking Outside the Product Box by Jimena Almendares

Week Commencing 24 August

  • Mindset Episode 6: Papa Akuffo on Stakeholder Management
  • Roundtable discussion session (27 August)
  • Deep Dive: Prioritisation. Are you doing it right?

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