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Lost in the Agile Jungle? by Christian Becker "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 1 June 2018 True Agile, MTP Engage Hamburg 2018, Product Management, Product Management Skills, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 175 Product Management 0.7
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Lost in the Agile Jungle? by Christian Becker

When we compare today’s agile product management in practice with what we have seen some 10 years ago, not much has changed: Agility is still mainly limited to UX labs and A/B testing, and misses the potential value that could be found between the initial idea and a working product.

The standard answer within product management is to whine and blame others: the boss doesn’t get it, stakeholders don’t care, the roadmap is too full. Everything would be better, if only we had a precise strategy!

While all of this holds true in many cases, Christian Becker, managing director of productable.de, argues that product management itself is part of the problem. Lost in the jungle of countless methods, we increasingly follow trends and focus more on how to do things than on stepping back and reflecting on why and what we need to do.

In his talk, Christian shows how our daily pains as product managers can be linked back to the method jungle and what we can do to escape.

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