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How Successful Product People Develop by Shaun Russell

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In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital talk, Product Coach Shaun Russell uses real-life examples to illustrate how product people learn and reveals why it is that some product managers develop faster than others.

Watch the 37-minute session in full, or read on for the highlights.

Shaun starts his session by describing his experience of learning German after moving from the UK to Berlin four years ago. At the same time, he became an uncle and was interested to see if his grasp of the language would happen faster than his new niece Tabitha would learn to speak. As it turned out, when Shaun’s German began to plateau, Tabitha’s English was continuing to improve at an impressive rate. What Shaun realised what that Tabitha had something he didn’t – ‘Sprachgefühl’. This German word, he explains, …

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