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How Real Companies Make OKRs work: Mind the Product and Neo Culture Investigate


Like all tools, OKRs can be powerful if they’re understood and used correctly and so, in an attempt to help you get the most from the process and to better understand the benefits, effects, and challenges of OKRs, we’ve decided to investigate.

In collaboration with NEO Culture, Mind the Product is conducting a short survey, the results of which we will use to provide you with an overview of how OKRs are implemented in practice, in real companies, around the world. This overview, which will be published on and available to everyone in the community, will highlight the main benefits companies have achieved as a result of OKRs, and give an indication as to how success is achieved through the set up of OKRs.

An extended report will also be available to Mind the Product members covering key points and questions such as:

  • The truth about OKRs and transparency
  • OKR measurement trends
  • Do OKRs really help us? If so, how?
  • Avoiding common challenges of OKR implementation
  • OKR alignment, how easy is it to achieve?
  • OKR myths debunked

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See the Topic Discussed Live at #Mtpcon Digital

As OKRs are such a hot topic, we’re not stopping there. We’ll also be using the data from the survey to inform a panel discussion at #mtpcon Digital, this coming November (18-19)

Moderating the panel will be Arne Kittler, Director Product Management at XING, who’ll be joined by Timm Richter, founder and CEO at NEO Culture, and other special guests soon to be announced.

In addition, Arne and Timm are partnering with Mind the Product to bring you the results overview and extended report.

Says Arne: “Many product leaders are in process of implementing OKR in their organisation because they trust that they will help to provide more clarity and empower and engage their teams, but at the same time almost everybody seems to be struggling with using OKRs in ways that live up to the high expectations they put on them.”

Of course, we know there are many great books and resources on OKRs available, but with the results of this survey, we hope to provide an overview of how they are really being used, out in the wild, as a contribution to the discussion if and how we can use them to their full potential.

“While you have many opportunities to compare and share best practice among teams in your company, it is more difficult with OKRs as they are a company-wide, joint effort,” says Timm. “We want to facilitate knowledge by sharing this survey with product people in many companies. The results will indicate how other companies concretely implement OKRs, what they get out of them and where they struggle most.”

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Complete the survey and you will be given the option to provide your email address which will be used to notify you when the survey results are published on the Mind the Product blog, and enter you into a prize draw to win 1 year of Mind the Product Prioritised membership. If you are already a Mind the Product member, you’ll win an additional year of membership so you can continue your Prioritised journey long int the future! Learn more about Prioritised membership.

The survey will close at midnight on 18 October 2020.

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This prize draw is open to anyone in the Mind the Product Community and allows 1 entry per person. To be eligible for the prize draw you will need to complete the survey by midnight on 18 October 2020. The winner will be chosen at random and emailed by the Mind the Product team on Wednesday 21 October 2020.