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Video: Making Hard Strategic Decisions about Products & Portfolios


Understanding your product and portfolio strategy is not just a question of features, but also of customer segmentation and staying focused. Rich Mironov talks to ProductTank San Francisco about some of the most common reasons software companies fail, and the secret is that it’s nothing to do with engineering. It’s building the wrong thing, or being unable to articulate the value of what you have built.

As product managers, it is our responsibility to take in what insights we can, untangle as many biases as we can, and have good judgement to build a product strategy. We must make choices that allow us to invest our scarce resources in ways that move both the products and the company forward. In this insightful and entertaining video, Rich offers some great advice on how to deal with the hard requirement of balancing features, technical debt, and the challenge of gauging business value and managing the expectations of your management teams.

Set aside an hour, grab a notebook and a coffee, and pick up some excellent tips on prioritisation and making hard strategic decisions about your products and portfolio.

One thought on “Video: Making Hard Strategic Decisions about Products & Portfolios

  1. Thanks a lot for the video guys, I love how I can always count on you for good PM material!

    It’s just a little annoying to watch the presentation with the video being fullscreen while the slides appear left and right of Rich’s head.
    It would be nice if this was cut like every other video of someone giving a presentation: Slides shown fullscreen and the video of the presenter speaking in the bottom right corner, showing the presenter full screen whenever there’s not much going on with the slides.
    I’m a fan of direct, and honest feedback because I feel only open feedback can really help. In that spirit I’m hoping I don’t come across as rude 🙂

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