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Lean, Agile, & Design Thinking by Jeff Gothelf


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Good product development practices are supposed to be built upon alignment and shared understanding, Jeff Gothelf, Author of Sense & Respond tells us at #mtpcon Singapore. But often, organisations end up looking a lot like that painting in the classic scene from the movie Goodfellas:

One dog’s going one way, the other dog’s going the other way, and this guy is saying ‘Hey, what do you want from me?’ Joe Pesci, Goodfellas

When you have one team learning Agile, another learning Lean, and yet another learning Design Thinking, how are you supposed to get to alignment? Everyone speaks a different language, works at a different pace, aims for different goals, and leadership is in the middle trying to understand how best to help.

There are so many frameworks and tools to choose from, so how do you make them work i…

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