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Great Gifts for Product People

If like us, you work a lot, travel a lot and generally spend most of your time with one too many balls in the air, then this is the ultimate gift list for you! Use it to plan your festive shopping and peer inside the minds of the people behind Mind the Product as this collection of gift ideas comes straight from the team.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam


As the resident, remote MtP team member based in Texas, our US manager Emily is constantly on video calls. “I’d love the Logitech HD Pro Webcam to up my video-conferencing game and this webcam is perfect for that,” she says. It offers crisp and detailed Full HD video (1080p at 30fps) and bright images (even if you’re in dim surroundings) as well as two microphones for clear, stereo sound.

The ReMarkable Tablet


Our CEO James is always on the go and a note-taking product that works as fast as he thinks would be his ultimate gift. He’s chosen The ReMarkable Tablet, a digital device that offers a pen-to-paper note-taking feel, keeps all of your notes in one place, and offers days of battery life. “The ability to search all my notes electronically, instead of flicking back through notebooks is the dream,” he says, “and the fact that it’d learn my handwriting and make it easier to share with others is also something of a bonus.”

Trtl Travel Pillow


If, like our COO Analisa, you’re forever travelling, this is a handy gift for you. The Trtl Travel Pillow has an internal support structure hidden away in super soft fleece. “With the amount of travel I do, I’m constantly on the lookout for a neck pillow that works and doesn’t take up all the space in my bag – I keep meaning to get one,” she says. The Trtl is easy to pack away and half the size of a traditional U-shaped travel pillow. What’s more, our US manager Emily has her own and confirms they’re definitely worth the purchase – her tip: stick with the classic version, not the Plus.

A Coffee Subscription

From £27

For almost all of the Mind the Product team, coffee is key, and, as we work remotely, stocking up on coffee at home is vital. As a result, a coffee subscription is content manager Imogen’s ideal stocking filler and there are plenty to choose from. “I love the idea of a coffee subscription like the one from Django Coffee Co. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, and monthly options and, for every subscription sold, a tree is planted in association with the charity One Tree Planted,” she says.

If you’re in the US, check out Misto Coffee which currently features 516 coffees from 50 roasters (prices start from $11.95) and Crema where you can buy online credit as a gift.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700


A regular feature on our annual gift list, it would be wrong to forget noise-cancelling headphones and this pair is the choice of our customer support manager, Lauren. “For remote working, I’m a huge fan of noise-cancelling headphones and the Bose Noice-Cancelling Headphones 700 would be my pick. My partner can attest to the very deliberate use of headphones in my office at home giving the clear signal of – do not talk to me, I’m working!”


Anker PowerCore Essential 20000


This power bank is a must for our marketing exec Will who’s really good at losing things. “I’m forever losing my laptop and phone charger but always carry a power bank on me so I can keep everything fully charged,” he says. “Luckily, both my phone and laptop use a USBC port to charge, so swapping a lead into a powerful power bank is great for when I’m on the go… and being forgetful!”  The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 comes with 20000mAh capacity and support for simultaneous USB charging.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000

Lululemon On The Beat Belt bag


We ‘re always on the move at every #mtpcon, and belt bags are a helpful addition to our conference day getup. “I’d love something lightweight that can hold all the things I need and this bag would be perfect,” says our sponsorship manager Emily. The On The Beat Belt Bag from Lululemon can be worn over the shoulder or across the body and has front and back storage pockets – perfect for phones, pens, business cards and more.

On The Beat belt Bag

The Mighty Mug Go Metallic Stainless Steel


Marketing exec Laura is a tad on the clumsy side (her words, not ours) so the perfect gift for her is a travel coffee mug she can’t knock over. Enter The Mighty Mug Go. She says: “I’m obsessed with the idea of this travel coffee cup because working remotely means I move around a lot, it’s good for the environment and this appears to be impossible to knock over.”


Dodow Sleep Aid Device


Alice Shyy, on our training team, loves the idea of the Dodow to help with peaceful sleep (perfect for the night before a big presentation or training day!). “I like that it’s really compact and travels well too,” she says. “I can imagine it being really helpful when trying to settle into a new time zone.” Pop the Dodow by your bed and it projects light onto the ceiling. All you have to do is breathe in rhythm with the light, inhaling when the beam expands and exhaling when it retracts.

Dodow sleep aid

Nintendo Switch


Our very own product manager Chris finds gaming for a few minutes can help to clear his head after he’s been elbow deep in QA, features, and feedback. He also likes to game while travelling or commuting to London for our team days. For that reason, the Nintendo Switch is his perfect gift. “Being able to escape into some rich, well-designed, enjoyable games while I commute or fly would be a delight,” he says. “And, as a product manager, I’m massively impressed how Nintendo’s managed to weave together what could easily have been a random bag of features into one coherent product – touch screen, motion control, detachable motion-controllers, detachable controllers, the dock – and all that with decent battery life – it’s just very impressive engineering and product design.”

Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores on Unsplash

Mtpcon Tickets!

Of course, tickets to the world’s biggest and best product conferences in London and San Francisco, Singapore, Machester and Hamburg are a must –  you can buy tickets for MTP Engage Manchester, MTP Engage Hamburg and #mtpcon Singapore now. San Francisco tickets go on sale this Thursday and tickets for mtpcon will go on sale in February. We hope to see you there!

All prices correct at time of publishing.

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