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Gift Ideas for your Favourite Product Manager

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gift for those who made a difference in our lives this year.

Have you got a product manager you’d like to treat to something special this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of great gifts your producteer will surely drool over.

Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset

In the bustle of an active office, it can be tough to properly get your scope down and focus on either those finer details of a product or the larger vision. Tune out with a pair of noise isolating headphones, without having to lug around those massive over-the-ear equivalents.

£49.99 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Unlocked Wireless Modem Huawei E585

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to work on the go and having a lack of WiFi to back you up, especially now we’re all storing everything on the cloud. Having one of these wireless modems on hand will ensure your product is never floating up there without your support. Able to connect with up to 5 devices, this little gadget will make your coffee shop meetings that much more productive.

£79.99 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

That afternoon cup of coffee can make all the difference in a product manager’s day, and having one of these stashed near your desk ensures you can get that quality caffeine kick without marching back down to the local shop.

£21.00 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

For quick use, the iPad’s keyboard will do. But any product manager who needs to do some real work on on of these tablets would do well to have a proper keyboard on hand. This one serves as both a protective case and a keyboard for when you’re away from your desk but in need of typing something out.

£88.79 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information

The ultimate coffee table book for a data-loving product manager. This book looks at data in a variety of creative ways, all forming gorgeous arrays of lines, shapes, and colours, depicting complicated data sets. Pick up a copy to admire the graphs, or to take inspiration for displaying your own data sets.

£24.50 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk

The Wireframe Pad – A4

Save time and get a more accurate picture of the proportions on a web page in the early design phases by using one of these wireframe pads. It depicts a blank web browser, and offers 960-grid guidelines to help keep things in line. It comes in two sizes, A4 and A5, and is the mark of a product manager who’s serious about their kit.

£14.10 – Buy from Digital Results


Whether it’s to relieve the pressure of a demanding day, or to aide the deep thinking process, a product manager needs something at hand to play with. Buckyballs are incredibly addictive, but serve as the perfect passive activity as you’re mulling things through at your desk. Build all sorts of forms as you’re building something bigger in your mind!

£26.29 – Buy from Amazon.co.uk No longer available!

XII Heritage MacBook Sleeve

A product manager’s laptop is always at hand, and deserves the best for protective casing. We couldn’t find anything more luxurious yet understated, and therefore more deserving of our attention, than this HardGraft laptop sleeve. Features a handy sleeve for carrying around all of the little extras.

£69.00 – Buy from HardGraft.com

Behance Dot Grid Journal

A notebook made for bringing product ideas to life: the guiding dot grid pattern on both sides of the paper is non-obtrusive, and allows for the interfaces and notes drawn upon them to take precedence. Bound in a pseudo-suede hard cover and featuring a handy portfolio sleeve and perforated pages, this should be a staple on any product manager’s desk in the new year.

£8.24 – Buy from Moo.com

Goruck GR1 Backpack

This backpack is a perfect match of functionality, practicality, and beautifully minimalistic design. It’s fully military grade and will undoubtedly last years, and as the Goruck founder explains, much attention to even the smallest details has gone into this design. The velcro patch on the front allows any branding to be affixed, and otherwise, the outside of this pack is unmarked.

A perfect match for a product manager on the move.

$295 – Buy from Goruck

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