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Get Ready for MTP Engage Hamburg 2018

MTP Engage Hamburg 2017On April 19 & 20 the second edition of MTP Engage will take place in Hamburg. We’ve been really happy with the positive feedback we received for this year’s premiere – it’s great to know so many people took so much away from the event.

Here’s a video with some impressions from this year’s event:

What to expect for 2018

For 2018 we will stick mostly to the same format, but of course we’ll be tweaking things in order to apply our learnings from this year. Our aim is not only to provide excellent content and learning opportunities, but also to make sure all attendees have plenty of opportunities to “engage” with each other in various forms.

Tickets for the main conference day are available now. 

Pre-Conference Workshops

April 19th, the pre-conference day, will be all about improving your skills as well as laying the social foundation for an engaging conference day. You can book any of our six workshops to improve specific product management skills with sessions led by international experts in their fields:

  • User Story Mapping (with Jeff Patton)
  • Roadmapping (with C. Todd Lombardo)
  • Data Visualization (with Stefanie Posavec)
  • Stakeholder Management (with Julia Whitney)
  • Product Management Essentials 102 (with Rosemary King)
  • Visual Thinking (half-day workshop with Britta Ullrich)

The Essentials 102 workshop (Rosemary King) is for seasoned product managers who want to expose their ideas and processes to some fresh air, rethink strategy and learn new frameworks that help structure decisions. All workshops are also a great opportunity for you to connect with other product managers during hands-on exercises.

Workshop tickets are on sale now with limited availability. You can learn more and sign up here.

Britta Ulrich in action at one of her workshops

Product Blind Date Dinners

In the evening there’s another opportunity to engage with new product manager contacts. All conference and workshop attendees can sign up for Product Blind Date Dinners with 6-8 other product managers. We will curate groups of people who don’t know each other and send them to our favourite restaurants in Hamburg. The rest is up to you!

We got the feedback that this year the new-found groups of dinner friends had really nice chats about Product and life. Some of them have even decided to meet again without our help. In any case the Product Blind Date Dinners are a great opportunity to make new contacts – and ideally also introduce them to your colleagues and contacts during the conference.

There’ll be more information made available on how to sign up once you’ve booked your place at the conference.

Conference Day

April 20th is the big conference day. Like this year we will have a set of international keynotes on broader, less operational topics as well as break out sessions in smaller groups. These sessions are held by product managers who share direct insights from their daily work.

We are currently still collecting submissions for the sessions, so if you have a story to tell please enter your proposals before 1st December 2017. The resulting agenda will be published by the end of the year. Some sessions will be held in German, but at any time there will be content in English.

In terms of the keynotes we are glad to already announce the first three great speakers:

Intercom’s Paul Adams is working on
entirely new material to share with us.

Julia Whitney speakig at Mind the Product London 2017 Leadership Forum
Leadership Coach Julia Whitney will look at the impact product leaders’ behaviours have on team dynamics –                                   even if they may not be not aware of it.


Lukas Vermeer (Booking.com) will take us
on a journey to the land of experiments.


Stay tuned for more info on these keynotes as well as the rest of the program.

Get your MTP Engage Hamburg tickets today!

The Party

To end the day we will move over to Westwerk, one of Hamburg’s oldest and coolest arts spaces, just around the corner from the conference venue.

Westwerk after conference party venueImage courtesy of Bernd Westphal / Art Magazin

There’ll be finger food, craft beer served by our favourite Hamburg brewery Bunthaus and product manager DJ’s on the decks.

See you there!

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