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Critical Qualities in a Great Product Manager "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 15 June 2016 True Hiring, Interviews, Product Management Skills, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 122 Per Einar Dybvik talks about the critical skills of a good product manager at ProductTank Oslo Product Management 0.488
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Critical Qualities in a Great Product Manager

So you want to be a product manager?  What do recruiters and senior executive look for in a great Product Manager? In this presentation from ProductTank Oslo, Per Einar Dybvik, partner at Startup Lab Oslo and former CEO of WIMP (now Tidal) shares his perspective in what he looks for in product “super managers”.  From his experiences in early internet product experience at Telenor and Schibsted Mobile, to crowded markets while at WIMP, Per distinguishes the different contexts of product life-cycle and technology interaction.

But consistently throughout these roles, Per highlights and goes through the important qualities that make great product managers:

  • Product Instincts
  • Business Mindset
  • Technical Skills
  • People person

Check out the Q&A for the ProductTank Oslo February talks!

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Totally agree. Having engineers part of user research builds empathy for the user . Engineers will be able to appreciate the decisions taken by the product manager. Giving requirements to engineering team and walking away is same as a manager setting goals to the team and walking away. A good product manager is actively involved with the teams, appreciate the challenges faced, acknowledges the work done and provides early feedback.

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