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August Roundup: Roadmaps, Product/Market Fit, Team Culture and More!


Today, August signs off for another year and this month we covered product/market fit, team culture, careers, diversity, roadmapping and more. Read on for a recap and to see what’s coming up in September. Spoiler alert: you’ll have an opportunity to put your questions to Marty Cagan, live!

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A Guide to Product/Market Fit

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
POPULAR: In this exclusive guide, you’ll discover what product/market fit really means, how to achieve it, and what your role is in maintaining it. What’s more, we’ll provide plenty of links to additional resources to help you continue your product learning.
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What Makes a Good Roadmap?

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
Building a roadmap is one of the most important jobs a product manager has. In this deep-dive, discover what makes a good one.
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At the end of one year, I went back and compared what our roadmap actually looked like to what we thought it would look like at the beginning of the year. We had only completed 20% of what we thought we were going to do in January. Emily Tate

Blaming the Framework with Matt LeMay

Available to: MTP Leaders
In this episode of Mindset, Matt LeMay joins Rosemary King to discuss core team culture and practice, and to answer questions directly from the Mind the Product community.
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AMA with Mina Radhakrishnan

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members

I Had you asked me five years ago if I’d be a co-founder of a startup in Australia, in the tech space, I’d be like, “me?!” Mina Radhakrishnan

Mina Radhakrishnan, co-founder of :Different, answered your questions on everything from remote working and hiring product managers to becoming a founder and working at Uber!
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#mptcon Digital Videos and Recaps

Available to: MTP Leaders and Prioritised members
If you joined us at #mtpcon Digital you’ll now have been able to watch all the keynotes again AND read the writeups. Not yet seen them all? No problem! They’re not going anywhere. Here the complete of keynotes and sessions for you to watch and enjoy at your leisure!

Coming up in September

This September we’ve got a lot going on and we don’t want you to miss a thing. For upcoming events visit your dashboard:

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For a look at everything coming up in September see below!

Week Commencing 31 August

  • Tanya Cordrey joins us for a leadership AMA: MTP Leaders can join Tanya Cordrey’s AMA as she talks honestly about her career failures, what she’d do differently today, and the lessons she’s learned on her leadership journey.
  • We put strategic thinking under the spotlight: All members can discover how to think differently with advice on strategic thinking from a selection of product professionals.

Week Commencing 7 September

  • Put your questions to Teresa: Need tips on how to gain valuable insights from customer interviews? Want to run effective product experiments, or drive product outcomes that create value for your customers and their businesses? Prep your questions for product discovery coach Teresa Torres as she’ll be joining us for a Prioritised members’ AMA.
  • We talk stakeholders on Mindset: Papa Akuffo joins Roeamry King on the Mindset sofa to talk about a topic we simply never seem to get tired of – stakeholder management! How to get buy-in, getting stakeholders to give problems, not solutions, getting your business to see product management – Papa and Rosemary have it covered.

Week Commencing 14 September

  • Predictive tech deep-dive: More and more of today’s digital products are using predictive models to examine data in order to better understand customers, products and to spot opportunities and risk. But are we crystal clear on the whole story? In this deep-dive, we explore the pros and cons of predictive tech.

Week Commencing 21 September

  • Prioritisation Report: We’re quizzing the community on all things prioritisation and have already spotted some interesting trends. With our experts we’ll be scouring the results of our ongoing survey to answer the question: Prioritisation – are we doing it right? Be part of it – take the survey today!

Week Commencing 28 September

  • Put your questions to Marty Cagan: A product pro who needs no introduction, we’re delighted to welcome Marty Cagan, the author of Inspired, to this AMA. This AMA is open to all Mind the Product members so get your questions ready!

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