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It’s World Product Day 2019 – the World’s Largest Product Management Event

Last year we celebrated the first ever World Product Day – a day all about shining a spotlight on our global tribe of product people, connecting local communities with each other, highlighting the craft of product management, and having fun along the way. On May 15, we’re back again, and this year it’s bigger and better than ever.

World Product Day 2018 was a celebration of the first-ever ProductTank meetup which took place on 23 May 2010. That first ProductTank took place in a small bar in London, and 25 interested people turned up.

Although the ProductTank community has grown significantly since then – there are now meetups in more than 180 cities around the world – the original spirit of a community run by (and for) product people still holds true. On World Product Day 2018, we harnessed the power of that global community by bringing together:

  • A global community of over 150,000 passionate product people
  • ProductTank meetups in 90 cities, covering 43 countries (you can find all 175+ ProductTank meetups here)
  • Over 20 hours of great ProductTank content, starting in Australia and finishing on the US West Coast

We reached over 12 million people online across the globe throughout World Product Day.

We also saw people spontaneously tweet their personal stories about how they’d become product managers:

It was wonderful to read so many personal stories from people talking about their path into product management. Twitter was ablaze with updates from local ProductTanks and the livestreaming of events.

This year, we’re excited to unite the product community once again and have planned a multitude of activities to encourage conversations about our craft and connecting people from one side of the globe to another. There are over 90 local meetups happening across 40 countries worldwide, livestreaming of events, online conversations, and more.

ProductTank Birmingham and Regional ProductTank Co-Ordinator (Europe), Keji Adedeji said of World Product Day:

World Product Day really galvanised our local product people, participating in an event which celebrates our part in the wider global product community. It brought together our regular attendees as well as attracting new members of the product community who have since become regulars.

See what meetups are happening near you, download our handy ‘World Product Day Team Guide’ PDF for ideas of what you can do with your team in the office, and get online to join in with the conversation and to connect with and celebrate our amazing global product community.

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