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A Happy Product Manager this Season

Christmas season is setting in, and it’s time to start figuring out how you’re going to appease your Product Manager, rewarding their hard work this year or winning their favour over for at least the next quarter.

Or perhaps you’re shopping for yourself, as after this year, we’re sure you’re entitled to it!

Here’s a gift guide navigating through some ideas a Product Manager will surely appreciate:

Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled HelicopterPuzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter
If you’re in the US (and you’re quick!) you can get this to your favourite Product Manager in time for Christmas. Otherwise, with a gift this cool, surely you can get away with delivery in the new year.

$149-$299 on Kickstarter

Lunatik Touch Pen - Silver AlloyLunatik Touch Pen – Silver Alloy
One pen to rule them all. Or rather, a pen that, like a good product manager, wears multiple hats, acting as a stylus when things get digital.

$19.95 from Lunatik

Want a Pen & Stylus combo that really makes a splash? At $75, you can pick up this solid titanium variation from Big Idea Design.

Electrical USB Smartphone Adapter - Mu Exclusive Limited EditionThe Mu Folding USB Adapter – Limited Edition
A folding USB electrical adapter. In hindsight, those massive UK electrical sockets might not have been such a good idea. With all of our gadgets and our on-the-go lifestyle, what better than a folding adapter?

£30 from Culture Label

A little skint this Christmas? Pick up the non-limited edition for a more reasonable £25.

Coffee JouliesCoffee Joulies
Originally on Kickstarter, these Joulies beat out other submissions such as USB Coffee Warmers to make it on to this list because of their elegant simplicity. They’ll keep a cup of coffee or tea warm even when you’re in those meetings or up by the Scrum board.

£45 on Firebox

Touchscreen GlovesTouchScreen Gloves
This winter is supposed to be a cold one, so we hear, but that doesn’t been you’ll be checking your mobile on the go any less. At least, that is, if you’ve got gloves that both keep you warm while letting you tap, slide, pinch and zoom as you normally would, with the conductive fingertips built in.

£12.95 from Muji

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity TrackerFitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
We all know the benefits of keeping fit, but when matched with a little bit of gadgetry, you might just be more motivated to stick to it. And with 2013 product roadmap planning inevitably coming up, you’ll need all the energy and stamina you can get.

£49.99 on Amazon.uk (or $59.95 USD)

Dean Chocolate Wax Flask SetDean Chocolate Wax Flask Set
While the official description reads it’s large enough for ‘an evenings worth of drink’, we think it’ll suit just fine for those Sprint retrospectives.

$50 from Earnest Alexander

Soyuz Laptop BagChrome Soyuz Laptop Bag
It’s elegantly designed and superbly functional, everything a product manager dreams of when looking at such an essential piece of kit.

More than enough to hold that stack of laptops, tablets, notebooks and cords that are essential day-to-day, it also features a roll top Party-Pack that’ll hold cold beers the weekends (or sneaky Friday lunches with the team).

$160 from Chrome

Letraset Collectors ProMarker - Neutral TonesLetraset Collectors ProMarker – Neutral Tones (Set of 6)
We know that our rough wireframes are supposed to be rough, but there’s nothing more satisfactory than sprucing up what otherwise looks like a bunch of boxes within boxes with these markers.

Providing a range of shades in an ever so slightly blue-tinted hue, add depth and weight to your mockups and, of course, your sketchnotes!

£8.87 on Amazon

Anything else on your wishlist this year? Let us know in the comments!

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