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6 Ways to Level Up Your Product Management Skills in September

We’re really excited about this year’s London conference, as it promises to be our best yet. One reason is we’re seriously amping up the workshops this year with lots of new options to choose from!

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Kate LetoProduct Management Essentials

Kate Leto

Whether you’ve got a few years under your belt or are new to Product Management, this workshop will bring you up to speed on all the essentials you’ll need to know about being an awesome Product Manager. The workshop delves deep into topics such as: the definition of products and product management; the importance of communication with customers; user personas and how to utilize them; the connection between business and product; how to use metrics and KPIs to stay on track; and how to condense your knowledge into user stories to share with your teammates.

Kate Leto is a seasoned product manager with over 16 years experience leading product at companies like Yahoo and Moo.com. Most recently she’s been helping numerous London start-ups build their product functions. If there is enough demand we will bring in more instructors.

Jeff PattonUser Story Mapping

Jeff Patton

Ideal Agile development teams build small valuable chunks of functionality. But, that’s easier said than done. Not all products or features are small and breaking them down into small buildable parts is challenging. And, even when you do, how do the people building those small parts not lose sight of the big picture?

Story mapping is a simple practice for telling the story of a whole product or feature starting by telling the stories of the users who’ll use it. In this fast paced workshop you’ll learn the concepts of story mapping by building a map collaboratively with others. You’ll learn advanced techniques for slicing a map to find small viable product releases, and then how to build your product using smaller stories without losing sight of the big picture.

Jeff Patton helps companies adopt a way of working that’s focused on building great products, not just building stuff faster. Jeff blends a mixture of Agile thinking, Lean and Lean Startup Thinking, and UX Design and Design Thinking to end up with a holistic product-centric way of working. Jeff is the inventor of User Story Mapping and the author of the bestselling O’Reilly book on it.

Joe LeechPsychology of Product Design

Joe Leech

A practical, hands on way to understand how the human brain works and apply that knowledge to User Experience and product design. You know somethings are ‘good design’ and some things are ‘bad design’ for UX but have never been quite sure why? Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of the world and apply that to product and user interface design.

After the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Design products, apps and websites that match how people think and behave
  • Make more compelling designs
 that use psychology theory to enhance their effectiveness
  • Make better, informed design decisions and advocate to the wider team using psychology theory

Come to the workshop and you’ll able to put psychology into practice as soon as you get back to the office.

Joe Leech has spent the last 13 years working in UX with organisations like eBay, Marriott and Virgin. He has a degree in Neuroscience and an MSc in Human Computer Interaction and is a trained, experienced teacher so expect to be sketching, designing and applying the psychology from the very start.

Dan OlsenHow to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Dan Olsen

In this workshop, Dan Olsen will share his 6-step Lean Product Process for how to iterate your way to product-market fit. The workshop starts with how to understand, define, and prioritize customer needs. You will learn how to formulate your value proposition to ensure your product is differentiated from the competition. You’ll also learn how to define and build an MVP prototype to test your value proposition with customers. The workshop will also explain how to translate what you hear from customers into actionable learning so you can rapidly iterate and improve your product. Workshop concepts will be illustrated via real world case studies and class exercises.

Dan Olsen is a product management expert and author of The Lean Product Playbook. Based in Silicon Valley, Dan helps CEOs and product leaders build better products and stronger product teams as a hands-on consultant, trainer, and coach.

Melissa PerriGetting the Job Done: Customer-Centric Product Decisions

Melissa Perri

Making product decisions that solve user needs while reaching company goals is the art of Product Management. More often than not though, many organizations fall into the trap of building features that do neither. Biases come into play and we end up producing products that we want rather than what our customers want. This can be seen in poorly written user stories that ignore customer motivations. To break this cycle, we have to take a step back and use a Customer-Centric approach that focuses on what job our product is doing for our user. Using techniques from customer research and jobs-to-be-done, this workshop will teach you how to map out feature ideas that provide benefits and minimizes pain for the users. This will provide more focus for your teams and clearer paths to delivering value.

At the end of this workshop you will know:

  • How to recognize bias in your product decisions and user stories.
  • How to conduct effective user research with your customers and potential customers.
  • How to build empathy for your user’s needs and motivations through personas and empathy maps.
  • How the Jobs-To-Be-Done method can focus your product decisions around ideas that directly solve user problems.
  • How to write effective Job Stories that can be used for product development in place of user stories.
  • How to map out your features and services using the Value Proposition Canvas.

Melissa Perri is a Product Manager, UX Designer, and speaker based in New York City. As the CEO of ProdUX Labs, Melissa does strategy and training for product management teams globally. As a practitioner and a coach, Melissa enjoys finding the best processes for her clients while tackling their toughest product problems with the team.

Roman PichlerProduct Leadership

Roman Pichler

This interactive and engaging workshop teaches you the leadership skills you need to be an inclusive, engaging, and inspiring product leader and a successful product manager.

Roman is one of our most popular workshop presenters and a leading agile product management expert. He has more than 10 years experience in training and coaching product managers and product owners, and a long track record in helping companies establish an effective product function.

The conference

Don’t forget to also nab your ticket to the conference itself, you won’t want to miss these awesome speakers!


Workshop tickets will go on sale alongside the conference general release tickets on April 19 – on Tuesday!
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See you in September!

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