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Where Do Good Ideas Come From? – Gal Josefsberg on The Product Experience


Gal Josefsberg

One of the hardest skills for product people to acquire is that of saying no. After all, when everyone comes at you with ideas, prioritisation can be a massive challenge. So it’s refreshing when we get a chance to come at it from the opposite direction in order to generate good ideas. Gal Josefsberg, VP Product Management at Guidewire and a guest lecturer at General Assembly, has spent a lot of time thinking about how to create, manage and recognise a good idea.

Quote of the Episode

99% of your time is going to be spent saying no to the horde of feature requests that are coming your way from all your stakeholders, and finding the few good ones to make evolutionary changes. Big revolutionary changes – those are rare and you probably don’t need them every day; you need them once a year, to sort of shape the vision for the year. I think you need to be aware of what kind of ideas you are looking for – is it the evolutionary or the revolutionary?

Listen if you’d like to learn more about

  • Ways to generate ideas
  • How to manage ideas
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scalable Data Science

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