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ProductTank: What do UX people want from Product Managers?

At the last ProductTank event, Jesmond Allen, UX director at cxpartners, spoke about what UX people want from PMs and they can best work together.

Having had experience in both roles, she outlined the difference in job descriptions, pointing out that, in fact, the two roles were more alike than not. She identified this overlap as an opportunity for the two roles to help each other out, but highlighted the risk of treading on each other’s toes.

As a UXer herself, she outlined some practical questions on what she could do for her product counterpart, and in turn, what a PM can do on their side to help keep things running smoothly.

In the end, she drove the point home that the key to having UX and PM roles working together most effectively is to communicate.

See Jesmond’s full presentation on Slideshare:

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