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Video: The Week iPad App’s UX Approach


One of the reasons the development of The Week’s iPad app worked really well was that the team really understood an effective design process, which stems from the way an organisation defines digital product design.

Back in the 80s and 90s people often likened design to art, that the creatives vanished behind a curtain, did something magical and produced it with a flourish. While that metaphor is dead, we need a new metaphor to describe the design process.

Harry proposes that design is like detective work, which involves ascertaining what actions certain people carried out within a given context using certain tools. Digital product design is very similar, except it tries to predict what people will do in the future – and puts the tools centre stage. What’s important is that detective work rarely leads you directly to the solution, you have to chase down many leads and test many hunches first.

Watch the video to see how Harry and Clearleft applied this metaphor to The Week, and how their “failures” ultimately led them to the solution, and an award winning iPad app.

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