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Video: Product Design for Tomorrow

It’s easy to joke about the retro-futurism of the 1950’s with its kitsch views and inaccurate predictions, but we all still love it. We’re all excited about technology and digital product design, but what does it hold for our future? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead of us?

In this excellent talk from Mind the Product 2013, Cennydd Bowles discusses this through three themes; Diversity – the one word future for technology, because everything is diversifying from inputs to outputs and the context in which we use them. Materials – expanding on just content with motion, sound, sensors and time. Fluidity – all these changes and opportunities demand a new fluidity amongst those of us building new digital products – from tools to skills and processes.

Cennydd is a Digital Product Designer at Twitter. Over the past decade – including a stint at acclaimed consultancy Clearleft – he has advised dozens of companies on the benefits of customer-focused design. Cennydd is also the co-author of Undercover User Experience Design and writes a monthly column for A List Apart.

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