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Video: Building Products for Mobile

Dave Martin, the co-founder of Pocket Recruit, took the stage at ProductTank with practical, useful advice on building mobile products. He shared his experience optimising complex conversion funnels for mobile, and maximising familiar mobile user experience to increase revenue lines from a mobile audience. He touched on difficult challenges on mobile such as testing, wide compatibility and responsive web design.

Here are some of the useful insights from his talk:

  • Why bother with mobile? Mobile web is on track to be primary web access
  • Why do people use mobile? To accomplish, to socialise, to prepare, for ‘me time’, to discover
  • Pushing users back to the desktop will increase drop-off and lose more money
  • Gather field level data: Pinpoint where your user is struggling on mobile and identify difficult spots Tweet this!
  • Mobile-first design will guide you to enhance your desktop experience
  • What happens when the lights are out, when you’re offline? On mobile, we need to think about that
  • Responsive web design as Holy Grail? Pros and cons, though Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, BCC and Yahoo don’t rely on RWD

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