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Troubleshooting Agile – Jeffrey Fredrick & Douglas Squirrel on The Product Experience


Jeffrey Fredrick and Squirrel

One of the tropes we’ve heard again and again is that product people don’t actually build anything. We’re not designers (except when we are) or engineers (unless we can code) or anything actually, y’know, useful. What that viewpoint misses is that we build understanding, alignment, and purpose – and that our best tool is conversations. Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel know this well, and their new book Agile Conversations, focuses on the five critical conversations you’ll have and how to perfect them.

Quote of the Episode

Actually people do behave this way (transparent and curious) all the time, when they don’t care about the topic. Everyone understands that if you’re having a group discussion diversity is strength, the more ideas we get the better, and they’re very curious and wonderful – as long as it’s not about anything they care about. But as soon as it’s something they care about, as soon as there’s the potential for threat or embarrassment, now it’s something different. Now differences are a threat, and now they’re trying to win. And that idea of being attached to the idea of wanting to win, causes the destructive negative conflict, and instead of productive conflict between ideas, you end up with destructive conflict between individuals.

Listen if you’d like to learn more about

  • Creating a healthy culture of accountability
  • Good communication
  • Defensive vs productive reasoning
  • How to build trust within teams

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