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Top Product Talks from AsiaPac


As #mtpcon #mtpcon Digital APAC (14-15 April) draws near, we’ve taken a tour of our video archive to revisit some awesome product talks from the region. From #mtpcon talks on remote discovery and design thinking to ProductTank talks on imposter syndrome and SaaS product launches.

This selection of videos also includes 3 talks that were previously unavailable to non members. Enjoy!

Leading Product Teams in Asia

Throughout his long career, Kenneth Chin has worked with and led product teams around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, and across Asia. In this talk from #mtpcon Singapore he shares some of the cultural differences he’s experienced between East and West and how we can learn from those differences to build better Product teams and careers.

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Kenneth Chin at Mind the Product Singapore 2019
Kenneth Chin at Mind the Product Singapore 2019

Engaging with Remote Customers in Discovery

In this Mind the Product APAC talk Audrey Cheng, VP Product at Pushpay, discusses the challenges of remote discovery, and reveals how she and her team have developed a practice to ensure better customer engagements that yield more value.

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Designing for Public Needs in Participatory Ways

Bernise Ang, Chief Alchemist at Zeroth Labs, spends her days looking across many disciplines in an attempt to tackle social challenges in an urban context. In this talk from #mtpcon Singapore, Bernise shared some stories from her work in social services to illustrate how product and design thinking can help to uncover opportunities, and the lessons her team learned along the way.

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Design Led or Designer Led?

In this ProductTank Brisbane talk, Liam Casey gives careful consideration to how design and product can integrate with strategy to produce the right kind of alignment for the company and outcomes for the customer.

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Product Management in the Time of Corona

In her Mind the Product APAC talk, Dian Rosanti, SVP Product at Gojek, describes how she and her team set themselves up for success during the COVID crisis. Dian covers, reacting to uncertainty, staying effective whilst distributed, and remembering self-care during COVID.

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How YouTube can be Used as a Servant to Your Product

Lei Shei’s YouTube channel, Curious Elephant, has over 126K Subscribers and 11.5M views. It covers topics around innovation, technology and science, ranging from the latest space technologies and bike-sharing services to consumer smartphones. In this ProductTank Singapore talk, Lei explains the value that can be found on YouTube and how a YouTube channel can be used as a servant to your product.

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Popular Misconceptions of the Product Craft

In this entertaining and insightful talk from Mind the Product Singapore 2019, Sherif Mansour, Distinguished Product Manager at Atlassian, shares some common misconceptions about the product management craft, how we need to think differently about those issues, and what we should be doing instead.

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Sherif Mansour at Mind the Product Singapore 2019
Sherif Mansour at Mind the Product Singapore 2019

Building Better Products by Understanding Values

In this Mind the Product APAC talk, Jennifer Choi, Head of Product Strategy at Grab explains what she and her team do to better understand their customers whose lives can be very different from their own including; working hard to understand your customers’ values over preferences, knowing your value and allowing this to help you overcome impostor syndrome, and always creating more value than you take.

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Growth as a product person

At one ProductTank Auckland event in February 2015 we benefited from five lightning talks in one, all on the theme, “How I’ve grown as a Product person”:

  1. Belinda Simcox’s talk Innovator’s Bias takes us through a journey from Waterfall to Lean and Agile approaches.
  2. Dr Ratneesh Suri’s talk The Odyssey of Data Analytics Products, sees her describe her journey into the world of data products.
  3. Anastasia Levina’s talk Imposter syndrome isn’t always a bad thing covers how applying her diverse experience in analysis, digital marketing and digital strategy from her previous roles helped her to get past her imposter syndrome in a product role.
  4. Chetna Chadha’s talk Lessons from a SAAS product launch what she learned from a particularly high-pressure product launch, where the launch was critical to the sustainability of the business.
  5. Anna Schmidt’s talk Feedback Loops shared a short story from her marketing past where she joined a branding committee, working through a staff and customer engagement survey exercise for a Healthcare organisation.

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