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Top product metrics talks from Mind the Product


As product managers, it is our job to define the right metrics and KPIs for our products and our businesses, which is critical if we want to measure our progress and know if we’re successfully driving the right outcomes. But how do you do that? In no particular order, here are eight of our best talks from Mind the Product and ProductTank on the topic:

The Only Product Metric that Matters by Josh Elman

In this compelling talk from Mind the Product San Francisco 2017, Josh Elman helps to break through the data noise to define the one product metric that matters based on his experience at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the many startups he works with today as a partner at Greylock Ventures. Watch now

The Hierarchy of Engagement by Sarah Tavel

How do you maximize your chances of building an enduring, consumer product? This is the big question for consumer companies, and in her #mtpcon San Francisco 2018 talk, Sarah Tavel, General Partner at Benchmark, says it comes down to understanding how to maximize engagement. Watch now

Driving Growth vs Building Core Value by Roan Lavery

Product managers always find themselves trying to make disparate groups of people happy. In this #mtpcon London 2018 talk, the Co-Founder and CPO of FreeAgent shares their three-step framework to help manage this process across organisations. It starts by defining the core value of a product, in a way that everybody can understand, and then maps user journeys, at varying points of the user’s lifecycle. Finally, it creates a scorecard from a variety of KPIs. Watch now

Bets, Boards, Missions and North Stars by John Cutler

In this ProductTank Barcelona talk, John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude, showcases some simple hacks he’s used time and time again as an advisor to help nudge organizations forward and get them thinking in new ways. Watch now

Key Experience Indicators for Product Managers by Tomer Sharon

In this ProductTank New York talk, Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research & Metrics at Goldman Sachs, introduces us to Key Experience Indicators (KEIs) – quantitative scores for specific, important, and actionable phenomena related to using products or services. Watch now

How to Connect Your Product Work to Your Top Business Metrics, By Pratima Arora

In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Head of Product at Confluence, Pratima Arora gives us a framework for making sure that our work has an impact on the overall business goals of the organization. Watch now

Making Data Actionable by Matthew Curry

In this ProductTank London talk, Matthew Curry, Director of e-Commerce at Lovehoney, shares his experiences of making data actionable focusing on analytics and decision making in product management. Watch now

10x Not 10%, Product Management by Orders of Magnitude by Ken Norton

History is littered with companies who missed the boat on big new innovations and optimised their way to obsolescence – from Kodak inventing the digital camera but shelving it for fear of cannibalising their film revenue, to Swiss watchmakers inventing the quartz watch movement but letting the Japanese eat their market with it. Ken Norton from Google Ventures joined us at #mtpcon London 2015 and shared how we can all think bigger. Watch now

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