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The State of Product in AsiaPac


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I’m quite excited about the future here. Seeing the speed with which the industry has changed- it has been amazing to be a part of, so I’m really positive about it. Silvia Thom, Senior Director of Product at Zalora

Asia may be the future for many areas of business and culture, but in product it feels like most of the thought leadership is coming from Silicon Valley. #mtpcon Singapore brought together a panel of product leaders in Asia, led by Francois Le Nguyen, Form Lead at Entrepreneur First, to discuss the growing tech scene in the region, and why the future of product management lives in AsiaPac.

Hear from some great product leaders in the region as they discuss:

  • The cultural challenges that make being a product leader difficult
  • How Asia’s vast diversity is an asset, and how to embrace its cultural richness
  • The skill gaps in the region, and wher…

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