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The Product Manager’s Role: Learnings from the #mtpcon Session Speakers "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 4 August 2020 True Leadership Premium Content, mtpcon digital, Premium Content, product leaders, Product manager, Technical Product Manager, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 298 product manager role shutterstock image Product Management 1.192
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The Product Manager’s Role: Learnings from the #mtpcon Session Speakers

At #mtpcon Digital 2020, we were able to enjoy 18 Breakout Session talks, across three days, from some of the best product people around. We’re releasing them all (weekly, in groups). In this selection, take a different look at the product manger’s role in sessions led by Petra Wille, DeVaris Brown and Hope Gurion.

Below you’ll find videos for the following:

Developing as a Product Management Personality

In an open and honest panel discussion with two past colleagues, Petra Wille uses this session to explore their journeys into product management and how they think about their own professional development.

Check out more from Petra Wille on Mind the Product

Do Product Managers Have to be Technical?

DeVaris Brown uses his session to answer the question ‘does being technical matter?’ and on slide one of his presentation, offers an early spoiler. “The answer to this is yes,” he says. Watch the session to discover why.

Check out more from DeVaris Brown

What No One Told You About Being a Product Leader

Hope Gurion tackles the top five most common blindspots she sees new product leaders encountering, from struggling to gain the trust of the CEO and management to conflict resolution and opportunity cost.

Check out more from Hope Gurion

More to Come!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll release even more of our #mptcon Digital Breakout session talks. Visit the 2020 #mtpcon Digital page to see what’s coming up when.

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