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The Power of Experience Mapping by Gerard Dolan


Gerard Dolan is a Customer/User Experience and Product Design Consultant. In this Toronto ProductTank talk he illustrates the power of experience mapping, answers the questions of what it is, why we do it and the value of doing it by exploring:

  • The types of experience maps.
  • The experience mapping process.

Watch the video to see Gerard’s talk in full. Or read on for an overview of his key points.

Types of Experience Maps

Experience Mapping is a strategic exercise of identifying, capturing, and communicating the interactions of multiple brand touchpoints over space and time. Gerard explains that while his focus is now on front-end strategy his background is in marketing and he has worked with corporate entities, startups, and companies in the software and advertising industries.

Ultimately, experience mapping can foster an increase in an organization’s strategic thinking. It is a strategic exercise for getting omnichannel alignment.

Gerard goes on to explain that there are four types of experience maps and four types of persona that will be input into an experience map. The type of experience map chosen will depend on the goal. The overall structure of an experience map begins at the top, which is very strategic, and then becomes more tactical as you go lower.

What is the framework for building an experience map?

The best way is to begin on paper and then make adjustments and change out the different personas. An experience map allows you to put an entire business down on one piece of paper. Experience maps are also good for identifying today’s problems and future possibilities.

The Experience Mapping Process

You need information from many different people within an organization to prepare an experience map. Gathering this information will allow you to present the specific information most relevant to different teams and individuals once the map is completed.

Experience maps are great for breaking down various silos within large organizations by communicating with teams how you can help solve the problems in their specific departments.