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The 10 Product Articles You Should Have Read in 2020


Every week we curate the best product and design content from across the internet into our weekly product management newsletter Prioritised. Here are the top 10 most clicked articles (and a bonus 11th because it seemed relevant this year!) from the 408 links featured in this year’s 51 newsletters to date — 10 articles that clicked with your peers so much you should definitely read them as well.

1. Adopting the “Spotify Model”

Think you can keep your good old matrix organisation and simply rename it to “The Spotify Model”? Do you think this makes you a front-runner? Well think again.
I don’t think it means what you think it means

2. How to Ship Outcomes, Not Just Features

To fully understand how to shift to shipping outcomes it’s important to understand the steps of cause and effect that culminate in positive outcomes for the business.
But are all efforts the same?

3. When OKRs are a Waste of Time

After many years of being a very vocal advocate for the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) technique, in the majority of companies Marty Cagan meets, he has stopped recommending the practice.
Most companies are not set up for OKRs

4. How to Run 10x Better Product Discovery Brainstorms

So you need some new ideas for new products or new product features? You round up your most creative colleagues, some post its and sharpies, some great snacks and … ta-da… the magic just happens! Right?
Not quite that simple

5. The GIST Framework

Stakeholders who live in the waterfall world think they can predict everything. The agile product team believes that if they keep on pushing small increments then everything will be okay.
Overcoming planning delusions

6. Strategic Thinking Skills for Product Managers

Strategic thinking is one of the most important skills in helping you advance your career but it’s certainly not an easy skill to master. We’ve gathered some advice from the community in an attempt to offer some clarity.
Make it a habit

7. Three Things Product Managers can do to Serve Their Teams Better

As product managers we often question the value we bring to our teams; are we helping here or are we just stepping on toes? So what are the areas where product managers can add value to better serve their team?
Be the oil, not the glue

8. Spotify vs Fitbit

There’s a lot of talk today about focusing on outcomes, but here’s a chance for people to see quite clearly the difference between output and outcomes.
The importance of empowered teams

9. Failed #SquadGoals

A product manager at Spotify shares how their infamous squad model failed Spotify and it will fail your company too.
“People have really struggled to copy something that didn’t really exist”

10. OKRs in the Real World

The Objectives and Key Results framework (OKRs) can be a powerful tool when understood and applied correctly – so why do so many teams struggle with them?
How Real Product Teams Make OKRs Work

11. How to Use OKRs During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Companies are seeing different levels of impact from the outbreak, from total disruption of their business models to being too early to tell. But everyone is dealing with unprecedented levels of uncertainty.
Outcome-based planning in periods of uncertainty

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