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SUNDAY REWIND: Things nobody told me about being a Product Manager


In 2017, Shaun Russell took to the stage at ProductTank London to reveal some of the hard truths about product management. He shared his journey into product management, detailing the well-trodden path he took to get started.

Four years later, Shaun’s given many more insightful talks on product management and product management careers, both at ProductTanks and #mtpcons, but the content of this early talk still resonates.

Shaun Russell on stage at #mtpcon
Shaun Russell has given us great advice on many Mind the Product stages

In it, Shaun highlights some of the (many!) challenges that product managers face every day — navigating uncertainty, work never being “done”, the challenge of describing what you do, and championing your colleagues but rarely yourself and he offers some pretty timeless advice to help. And at a time when things feel pretty tough for a lot of people right across the globe, we thought it would be a good time to rewind back to this classic talk.

Click here to watch Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Product Manager.