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Stories from the ProductTank Community – Derry


ProductTank organiser Maria McColgan gives us the lowdown of the product culture is like in Derry, Ireland.

What is it that motivates you to run ProductTank meetups?

There was a huge opportunity for developing this skill set in the North West of Ireland. I had also recently taken up a role whereby there were only two Product Managers in the company. I wanted to continue developing my skillset and share knowledge with other Product Managers.

How many members does your ProductTank have?

15 repetitive attendees

How many ProductTanks have there been in Sydney to date?


What can you tell us about Sydney’s Product Community?

It’s small but eager to share and develop each other, and there are some great pockets of knowledge and experience within it. We continuously try to vary our events but to date, we host events at the Catalyst centre in the Bay Road Derry and CoLab Letterkenny.

It made us feel like we are not alone and promotes an opportunity for continuous development.

A ProductTank talk in Derry

How does ProductTank help product people?

Invaluable connections have been made — people have found mentors, new jobs or winning ideas that took products or careers to the next level.

Can you share any fun facts about Sydney?

Derry has had two Nobel prize winners— John Hume and Seamus Heaney. Donegal is Ireland’s most northern point — Malin head — home of some popular Star Wars scenes.

Malin head
Ireland’s most northern point — Malin head (Image: Shutterstock)

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