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Product Strategy and Skill Development: Learnings from the #mtpcon Session Speakers


In this first, Breakout Session release from #mtpcon Digital 2020, you can delve into four of the event’s deep-dive sessions focusing on product strategy and skill development.

Below you’ll find videos for the following:

Roadmapping with C Todd Lombardo

It’s no secret, roadmaps are hard but thankfully, C Todd Lombardo was on hand to talk about the multitude of forms that roadmaps can take – what should be included, what should not be put in the sin bin and how this changes depending on who’s looking at your roadmap? He also tackled the question, ‘do I even need a roadmap?’.

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Prioritisation for Impact with Gabrielle Bufrem

Gabrielle Bufrem explained a clear approach – and a framework – to help attendees prioritise for impact. Her advice? Dig deep into your business needs, and what you know about your customer, and make sure your customers’ needs match business outcomes.

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Lean Product Development with Jeff Gothelf

In this session, Jeff Gothelf took us on a whirlwind tour through some common questions about lean product development. He covered Impact Mapping, the challenges of maintaining coherent product vision and direction, aligning teams and protecting against scope creep, and how to work with executives and stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned on impact.

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Dual-Track Development Demystified with Jeff Patton

In this session, Jeff Patton facilitated a masterful tour through the essentials (and misconceptions!) of dual-track development, and how to do discovery and delivery in parallel.

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More to Come!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll release even more of our #mptcon Digital Breakout session talks. Visit the 2020 #mtpcon Digital page to see what’s coming up when.

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