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Podcast: How to Persuade People with Ben Newell


Ben Newell ben newellwas the first guest we got by recommendation. After giving a talk on persuasion techniques at ProductTank Dallas-Fort Worth, it was a no-brainer for us: this is a key skill for anyone whose job includes wrangling tricky stakeholders, herding teams or presenting to senior management – an area where in which we’d all like to improve.  A long-time veteran of the travel industry and now the VP of Product at rewardStyle, Ben shared some easy-to-use tips on how to get better at something you do almost every day.

Quote of the episode

I was scared to put this talk together and let my wife see it – for fear that she might get all of my tricks.  Where you have someone you respect greatly, and is like-minded, and is equally as skilled at what they do… these are the areas where it’s most challenging.

Listen if you’d like to learn more about:

  • When to have that conversation – how your daily hormone cycle affects what kinds of meetings to have, and how this affects remote and co-located teams
  • How to run a meeting, and the difference between presentation and discussion
  • Using data to tell a story
  • Using WIIFM to your advantage

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