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MTPcon SF Reason #1 – the biggest product conference of all time


Mind the Product 2014

Mind the Product’s #mtpcon is coming to San Francisco, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should join us for it. We’ve picked out five to help you justify your ticket, and today we’re telling you all about the first.

Reason 1
#mtpcon is the biggest product conference of all time

In London this September, over 1,000 product people from 39 countries came together for #mtpcon 2014. This is already unrivaled by any other conference of its kind, and is just the beginning of a truly global product event and community. If you work in product, #mtpcon has fast become the event of the year to hear the best insights and meet the most interesting people.

“Mind the Product is the event for product managers. It’s the largest event for product managers in the world.”
– Dave Wascha, Chief Product Officer at

Dave is right. And it’s the biggest because it’s the best. The Mind the Product Conference is run by product people, for product people, and has grown purely organically based on an amazing conference experience. Every year we work on feedback from our audience to make sure we grow the event in a way that continues to offer value. And every year the high quality of our speakers and our audience ensures they come back for more, and bring their friends and colleagues with them.

If you’re picking one event for a product manager in 2015, we’re confident there’s no better choice than #mtpcon San Francisco. Unless it’s #mtpcon London.

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