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#mtpcon but Not as You Know It – the Product Event of the Year


With COVID continuing to put paid to our plans and the voice of Ross from Friends ringing in our ears, we’ve pivoted our ever-popular San Francisco and Hamburg conferences to bring you our brand new, online product event – #mtpcon Digital.

Over three days (July 13-15), you’ll hear from some truly awesome product leaders as they deep-dive into the hottest product topics. In fact, we’ve lined up six amazing keynotes and 18 interactive breakout session speakers so you’ll be spoilt for choice. But our renowned speakers are just the start.

#mtpcon Digital is designed to get you up close and personal with leading product pros, to link you up with your product peers and to drive valuable discussion and opportunities for participation and learning. We’ll even be throwing in a truckload of fun stuff too!

Let us tell you more.

It’s Digital but Different

We’re all suffering from digital fatigue after months of Zoom calls and Hangouts, and limited interaction with real-life humans, so this is not just another webinar. Here’s how we’ll be doing things differently.

First, we’ve made the schedule life-friendly. If you need to squeeze in a workout (or a nap, we’re not judging), round up your kids, keep an eye on work or walk the dog, we’ve got you covered.

mtpcon digital-conference
#mtpcon Digital is a relaxed affair. We want you to enjoy the event without any stress – no travel, no parking and we hear the coffee is pretty good too 😉

We’ve planned the schedule over three, half days, carefully spaced the keynotes and balanced the breakout sessions so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump in and out when it suits you. And, as a Mind the Product member – which you’ll become when you buy your ticket – you can watch the talks on your member dashboard after they’ve happened, giving you even more flexibility when planning your day.

Second, we want you to be comfortable, so there’s no dress code and no need to worry about the state of your appearance on camera. You do you.

Check the schedule

How to Use #mtpcon Digital to the Max

During the keynotes, you can sit back and soak up the wisdom of the speakers before heading into our breakout sessions where you’ll be able to get interactive. That’s what this event is all about – sharing knowledge and participation.

Here’s how you can get stuck in:

Breakout Speaker Sessions

These speaker sessions will be interactive in different ways. Some will be more talk-led while others will combine talks and deep discussions. A few will have more of a workshop vibe so you can expect the odd exercise to be thrown in too (product ones, not lunges – you can head to our yoga sessions for that).

New York-based product leader Adam Thomas will be running a breakout session on Decision Fitness where he’ll discuss alignment for cross-functional teams, and how to achieve it.

“Alignment is important for any product team and with my session, we’ll be looking to keep you and your team’s product managers empowered to make better decisions,” he says.

He’ll be introducing ‘the initiative document’, a problem-focused one-page with all the information you need to provide to your team to make asynchronous decisions.


Join our roundtable discussions to benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of a group. These will be themed to kick-start discussions but really we want them to be yours to shape and we’d encourage you to speak up and drive the discussions you want to have. You’ll be able to pick from a selection of different themes such as roadmapping, prioritisation, stakeholder management, B2B, B2C, pricing, and more.

Speed Networking

Meet peers facing similar challenges to you in our speed networking sessions – these have been super-popular in person and we’ve no doubt they’ll be great in a virtual format too. Sessions last 3-6 minutes each and you can attend as many as you can squeeze in. Use this time to hone in on the topics that matter to you and get ideas and advice from people in the same boat. Like everything you’ll find in the breakout sessions, you don’t need to sign in or queue up, just enter the relevant tab (in this case – Networking) on the event platform on the day.

All Work and No Play?

Absolutely not! If you know us, you know we’re famous for our after parties as well.

Of course, we can’t promise our legendary open bar on this occasion (it’s a BYO situation), but there’s fun to be had before and after each of the day’s events. And, because we know what’s important to our fellow product people, we’ll be providing this little lot:

  • Cocktail masterclasses with our very own Martin Eriksson who will be showcasing the famous ‘Cyan Margarita’ and his favourite Negronis – plus guests!
  • Desk-side yoga with product manager, a friend of Mind the Product, and yoga instructor, Iris van de Kieft. She’ll use her skills to help you find balance in the digital age. You can expect some simple movements, breathing exercises and a brief meditation (BYO body, nothing else needed!)
  • A product pet showcase –  an opportunity for you to show off your pets. If we’re honest this is really more for us and more specifically me. I don’t have pets but I’m happy to share yours for a while
  • Coffee nerdery workshops – tampers at the ready as we nerd out about flat whites, cortados, espressos, pour overs, and more
  • A Bad Advice Salon where you can bring your product problems and get some bad advice from The Product Experience podcast hosts Lily and Randy (success and satisfaction not guaranteed but there will be plenty of laughs)
  • Live DJ set by Product Manager, repeat #mtpcon DJ, and all around musical genius The Beatifikation
  • Pub quizzes – self-explanatory. Bring what brain you have left! MTP’s Emily Tate will be in charge here!

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Discover the magic that is a ‘Cyan Margarita!’ – the creation of our very own Martin Eriksson!

Access to Experts

On to our speakers, who are the cream of the product crop. In fact, their combined list of credentials and accolades is so long you’ll have to read all about them on our keynote and breakout speaker pages.

What we will say here is that we’re delighted to have such a stellar line up ready and raring to go and, while we’re sad not to be able to deliver our in-person conferences, there are some benefits to our jazzy new format, as Martin Eriksson explains.

“Curating #mtpcon is and has always been about moving the craft forward and while we made sure to have the big-picture inspirational keynotes we’re known for, we also took the opportunity afforded us by the online format to liberally sprinkle in breakout speakers covering all the topics that challenge us, product people, day to day – from career progression through to OKRs.”

Over the three days, our speakers will be delivering a range of outstanding talks, spanning three overarching themes: strategy and priorities, careers in product, and understanding your customers.

You can take a look at the schedule right now to get a feel for what’s on offer. From Prioritisation for Impact from Gabrielle Bufrem and Roadmapping from C Todd Lombardo in the breakouts to Thinking Outside the Product Box from Jimena Almendares and Inclusive Design from Nancy Douyon in the keynotes, there’s plenty to pick from.

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In the days following the event, we’ll also be running a number of remote training workshops where you can deep-dive into a variety of topics. Each workshop will be run across multiple days and will give you the opportunity to access the knowledge and cutting-edge insight of expert product managers (our trainers) through a tried and tested in-depth, interactive format. Please note: Conference tickets and workshop tickets need to be purchased separately. Find out more here.

Thanks to Our Supporters

It goes without saying that an event like this couldn’t go ahead without the support of fantastic sponsors and we’re delighted to have this fabulous bunch backing #mtpcon Digital. Our sponsors are now pretty good at this virtual event lark and have had the digital decorators round to prep their expo booths ahead of your visit. Be sure to swing by and say hi – they’ll be ready and waiting to talk to you in real-time!

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