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#mtpcon San Francisco Reason #2 – Practical Advice and Inspiring Ideas


Mind the Product is one of those great conferences. It spans the gamut from deeply practical stuff to these larger philosophical questions about what the nature of product development and design is. And for me, that range is always what makes a good conference.
Genevieve Bell, Director of User Experience Research – Intel

Mind the Product’s annual product conference – #mtpcon – is coming to San Francisco, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should join us for it. We’ve picked out five to help you justify your ticket, and today we’re telling you all about number two.

Reason 2: Our speakers blend solid, practical advice with inspirational ideas on the future of product

#mtpcon has featured diverse speakers from all over the world, all of whom are experienced, hands-on practitioners of the art of product management. Every year we’re joined by product superheroes who share their experiences and hard won lessons with our audience, as well as inspire us by taking a step back and looking at the big picture of what’s involved in building great products.

“The quality of speakers has been excellent. These are all people who have gone out and done things” – Attendee, 2014

“Any time an event like this is so carefully curated, and it’s a one day event, I can’t think of something better.” – Kelly Goto, Founder – Gotomedia

And at #mtpcon we’re never covering old ground. This is a conference that’s run by product people, for product people and we see it as a once-a-year opportunity for us to come together and move the art and skill of product management forward, together.

The final lineup for #mtpcon San Francisco is still a surprise, but our hallmark formula of practical advice and inspiring ideas is guaranteed. Just a handful of previous speakers and subjects at #mtpcon include:

  • Kathy Sierra – Building Badass Users
  • Cennydd Bowles – Product Design for Tomorrow
  • Nir Eyal – Building Habit-Forming Products
  • Kelly Goto – Beyond Usable: Mapping Emotion to Experience
  • Marty Cagan – Top 10 Tips to Making Products People Love
  • Brant Cooper & Patrick Vlaskovits – Lean Product Development
  • Tim Harford – Innovations that Matter
  • Tom Hulme – Is Purpose the New Pivot?

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Can anyone tell me roughly what the cost of a ticket (non-early bird) to the SF conference runs? Thank you.

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