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Monthly Members Roundup – May


These first four weeks of Mind the Product Membership have gone by in a flash and, if you signed up already, we hope you’re enjoying the experience so far. Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to bring you more of the stuff that matters to you, and we don’t want you to miss a thing! We’ll, therefore, provide you with monthly round-ups to keep you up to speed. You can expect these on the last working day of each month and here’s your first!

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Case Studies

As part of your membership, we’re excited to be able to bring you exclusive case studies detailing the lessons, the highs and the lows of product management from real product people at real companies. These are created by our in-house team, who work closely with those involved to bring you up-close, in-depth, and detailed examinations of particular product cases.

From Airline to Super App: The Journey of AirAsia

In the first of our members-only case studies, we worked with Alfonso Fiore, Head of Product for packages at AirAsia. In it, Alfonso explains how teams might go about entering the super app race, by sharing how his team are working through that process themselves. From the things they got right to the things they got wrong – it’s all in there! Read

Deep Dives

For you, our Mind the Product members, skimming the surface will never be good enough. That’s why we’re working hard to tap into the minds and expertise of the best in the business to bring you regular, deep-dive content pieces, like these!

Guide to Salaries: Know Your Worth and How to Ask for It

When we jumped on social media and said ‘hey, let’s talk about money’, most of you were keen to get involved! Over 200 people took our salary insights survey, the results of which were included in our in-depth guide to salaries and salary negotiations – our most popular piece of members-only content so far. Read

Our salaries guide was a big hit (Iage: Shutterstock)

A Guide to Unlocking Growth with Optimized Pricing

In this guide, Patrick Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, explained the basics of pricing your product and provided you with clear steps on how to develop a strategy and implement your pricing successfully. Read

Digital Accessibility – a Guide for Product Managers

We dug deep into accessibility to better understand how we, as product managers, can improve our digital products. Read

Access to Experts

In our first month of Mind the Product membership we kicked off with an AMA, panel (and today our first roundtable!) to give you access to some truly awesome product experts and your product peers:

MTP Prioritised: AMA with Ken Norton

We ran an AMA with Ken Norton, senior operating partner at GV and, if you missed it, we had you covered. You could – and still can! – watch the session and read the transcript in full! Watch & Read

Ken Norton AMA
Our first AMA with Ken Norton went down a storm!

MTP Leader Panel: Leading Product in Uncertain Times

MTP Leaders joined us for this remote panel where our host, Marc Abraham,  put questions on the theme ‘Leading in uncertain times’ to our guests: CPO at Chopra Global, Josh Wexler, Senior Product Director at Intercom, Jane Honey, VP Product Management at Sterling, Darlene Miranda, and COO / CPO at Tide, Laurence Krieger. If you missed it, fear not! You can watch it again and read the transcript. Watch & Read (available to MTP Leaders only).


Our interviews give you an opportunity to get to know people in our community better. Wherever they are in the world and whatever their role in product, we share their stories with you.

Georgie Smallwood on Product Culture, Leadership and Fintech

In this exclusive interview, Chief Product Officer, Georgie Smallwood, revealed what she’s learned from working in AsiaPac, what it really means to be CPO, and the challenges of working in fintech. Read


Sharing videos of our keynote talks from our conferences has always been important and, just because we’re not currently able to run our conferences in person, does not mean this will stop. We’ve got a selection of unseen keynotes still to share – more coming your way soon!

Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results

We provided a video and detailed overview of Barry O’Reilly’s Mind the Product APAC talk, ‘Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results’, sharing his advice, suggestions and examples so that you can start to unlearn. Watch & Read

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