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Join a Worldwide Celebration of Product Heroes


On 26 May 2021, ProductTanks around the world will celebrate World Product Day with 24-hours of product therapy, showcasing their ‘local product heroes’. Here’s what’s happening and how to get involved.

In every local community, there is a goldmine of awesome product insights and we want to tap into that (we imagine you do too). To mine that wisdom, our incredible ProductTank organisers will use World Product Day to champion up-and-coming product speakers – people they know have insightful stories and experience to share.

Starting at 8 am in Auckland and Wellington (9 pm BST on the 25th) they’ll kick off a free, full-day stream of talks from ProductTanks around the world. Tune in to soak up stories, insights, advice (and some product therapy along the way!) with our global network of ProductTank communities. We hope you will tell us about your product heroes too!

Here’s the Timetable for the day:

Key ProductTank Timezone Local Time BST time Additional ProductTanks
Auckland and Wellington NZT 8:00 21:00 (25th May)


Key ProductTank Timezone Local Time BST time Additional ProductTanks
24 hour networking room starts 00:00 (26th May)
Brisbane AEDT 12:00 03:00 Melbourne
Ho Chi Minh 07:00
Munich CEST 8:20 07:20
Tokyo JST 19:00 11:00
Lyon CEST 13:00 12:00 London
Hong Kong 13:00
IST 18:00 13:30
Pune and Heidelburg IST 19:30 15:00
Isfahan IRDT 19:00 15:30
Dubai GST 19:00 16:00
Lagos WAT 17:00 17:00 Oslo, Vienna, Linz, Stockholm, Sofia
Hamburg CEST 18:30 17:30
Reading BST 18:00 18:00 Tel Aviv, Louisville
Belgium CEST 19:30 18:30
Exeter BST 19:00 19:00 Birmingham, Oxford, Abuja, Bristol
WPD Italy CEST 19:00 20:00 Istanbul
Richmond EDT 15:30 20:30
WPD Ireland BST 21:00 21:00 San Diego
WPD Brasil BRT 18:00 22:00 Florianopolis, Rosario, João Pessoa
Philadelphia and Twin Cities EDT 17:30 22:30
Pittsburgh EDT 18:00 23:00
00:00 (27th May)
Austin CDT 17:30 00:30

With still more ProductTanks timings to be confirmed!

Get Involved With World Product Day

Whether you’re a newcomer, an attendee or an organiser, there are plenty of ways to get involved and enjoy World Product Day:

  • Newcomers and attendees can watch the talks and join in the conversation/celebrations online
  • ProductTank organisers can host events
  • Shout about your local product heroes on Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn.

Are You a ProductTank Newcomer?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to a ProductTank, this day is a celebration of everyone in product and you are welcome. Find your local ProductTank today, join it, and get set to join us on the day!

  1. Use our ProductTank map to find your local ProductTank (your very own product community!)
  2. Click ‘View events’ to access their Meetup page and hit ‘Request to join’ to get in on the action. As a member, you’ll be notified of events (including their World Product Day events) and can attend for free
  3. On World Product Day, enjoy the online talks and join the discussion on social media. Use the hashtag #WorldProductDay to share what’s happening and to tell us about your local product hero!

Are You a Regular ProductTank Attendee?

Like any other ProductTank event, you can expect to be notified about your ProductTank’s World Product Day events – we want to see you getting involved!

Using the hashtag #WorldProductDay, shout loud and proud about your favourite ProductTank experiences, speakers, connections you’ve made, and opportunities that have stemmed from your professional development thanks to ProductTank.

Are You a ProductTank Organiser?

As an organiser, it is never too early to start planning your World Product Day event! Think back to a time when a local speaker came out of nowhere, took the stage, and wowed your community with their insights and experiences. Give that product person a call! We want to celebrate the unsung product heroes in your community and give them a bigger platform to share their insights. Help them step up onto this special stage! If you have questions, feel free to email us at

About World Product Day

In short, World Product Day is an annual celebration of all things product.

It began in 2018 when we celebrated the eight-year anniversary of the first ProductTank meetup. ProductTanks in 90 cities across 43 countries, had fun highlighting the craft of product management with their communities. All those talks from all those cities really emphasised the different perspectives that different cultures bring to the craft of product management. It was a no brainer – the anniversary event became an annual event.

Today, World Product Day brings people together to celebrate, connect, and learn.

Celebrate Product

All work and no play? No thanks. This day is a celebration of all things product – what product people do, how we do it, and who we do it with.

Connect With Your Product Peers

Product management can be a lonely job, but World Product Day serves as a reminder that you are not alone. There’s a backlog of product people around the world facing the same challenges as you and on this day, we will come together to share our insights and hone our craft.

Gain New Product Insights

At Mind the Product, our mission is to help product people to become more successful by pushing forward our craft. As an incredible day of product learning, World Product Day helps us do that.

How have people celebrated in the past?

World Product Day is a social event and we encourage product people to get creative with the celebrations! Need some inspiration? No problem! Check out Making World Product Day a Day to Remember for a recap of events in 2019 and see the social below for even more ideas.

In 2020 the Mind the Product team honoured World Product Day with a delicious cyan food challenge (we take our brand colour very seriously).

In 2019, I had a creative moment with a product manager’s best friend – the sticky note!

In 2019 the Auth0 team took a team selfie with an amazing backdrop in Mexico! We weren’t jealous. Not at all.

In 2020, some people took the opportunity to publicly thank those that got them into the product game.

World Product Day will be an exciting 24 hours, where we can all discuss what we love about product with people from around the world! We can’t wait to see how you will be celebrating with us on May 26th.