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Introducing the First Keynote Speakers for MTP Engage Manchester 2020

MTP Engage Manchester returns in 2020 on the 6th and 7th February, and next year its focus will be you – your conference, built for the product community, by the product community. With such a strong product management community, we’ve chosen to hone in on you, and focus on personal and professional development and how you can grow as a product manager, including how we build better products if we work together. It means we’ve found keynote speakers who embrace building product culture and exploring new ways of working collaboratively.

So, let’s introduce you to our first two speakers.

Joe Leech, Coach and Consultant

Joe-LeechWe’re super-excited that Joe is involved in MTP Engage Manchester again – he ran a workshop on product psychology at this year’s MTP Engage Manchester,  and you may also remember his talk on using psychology to supercharge your products at this year’s #mtpcon London. Joe brings a ton of experience from product discovery and ideation, and his keynote promises to cover everything from validating ideas through to pushing a product live.  We can expect insights on a host of product issues –  from product personas through to how to build in the right order to get a product off the ground.

Are you getting your personas right? Source: Mrjoe

On 6th February (the day before the conference), Joe will also run his hands-on training workshop on Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) which is all about understanding how to make the right product choices based on user needs.

Janna Bastow, Co-Founder, ProdPad

Janna Bastow at #mtpcon

Janna has been an integral part of Mind the Product and ProductTank since the beginning. She’s well known for her enthusiasm, her openness, and willingness to share, as well as her expertise. Janna describes herself as being “…a product manager, taking the forms of a startup founder and CEO, consultant, and accidental event manager”, She says that as “product people” we need to constantly search for new ways to do things, to look at the bigger picture, and always ask those “what if” questions.

Janna’s progress from employee through to co-founder and CEO to “accidental event manager” is a testament to the spirit of product. She understands that building a strong product culture and understanding your audience are hugely important in product delivery. Janna has written extensively about building product culture. She says: “ProdPad has been a product-focused team from the start – after all, ProdPad is a product for product managers to do their product management… built by product managers.”

We’re delighted to have Joe and Janna join us in Manchester next February, with keynotes that focus on learning, collaboration and problem-solving. Look out for further additions to our keynote line-up in the coming weeks.


General release tickets for MTP Engage Manchester 2020 go on sale at 10am on Thursday, 25th July. Tickets for our five deep-dive training workshops on Thursday 6th February, the day before the conference, also go on sale at this time.

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