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Introducing MINDSET: Helpful Answers to Your Product Questions


You’ve got questions, we’ve got training!

We’ve recently released some testimonial videos that take a peek into our training. They let you hear from the product managers who teach our curriculum, and give you a good look at what a Mind the Product Training session is like. But most importantly, we’re now launching MINDSET, a monthly video series where we collect the questions that our training participants and the greater community have about their work and product practice. And because we feel everyone should have access to this information, we’re sharing MINDSET with the entire Mind the Product global community free of charge.

Mind the Product Training has now been running as a dedicated business for almost three years. We’ve served hundreds of product managers in dozens of training sessions around the world.  We’ve grappled with thousands of questions from product managers asking what the workshops are like, who attends, what, and how we teach, but we also get a ton of penetrating product practice questions from participants in the classroom and insightful answers back from our trainers. We realized that we need to scale how we answer these questions so we can maximize the benefit of the answers for everyone in our community, not just those who have attended our workshops.

Your Unanswered Product Questions

Mind the Product has always been the connective tissue for our global community of product people, passing great ideas around the world, and giving you the opportunity to come together and share. After nearly three years of teaching and listening, MINDSET is our first step towards creating an online learning platform that can connect with any product person anywhere, and get them the training they need to further their craft.

So, what are your biggest unanswered questions, or the biggest challenges you face which you could really do with some advice on? Do you want to ask, for example, about the best way to deal with those stakeholders you constantly butt heads with? How do you create effective goals? Or, what’s the best way to…?

The deadline for submitting your questions for each MINDSET video will go up on our social media channels each month, so keep an eye out and submit your questions here! The Mind the Product community includes over 150,000 product people, so we will read all the questions we receive each month, and select those that best speak to the themes and challenges faced by the collective group.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We are so looking forward to receiving your questions and offering help to product people on a monthly basis!