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Introducing Mind the Product Membership

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Mind the Product burst to life in a London pub in 2010 when we invited 25 product managers to come together to share stories, experiences, and lessons learned.

Since then, we’ve put down roots across the globe and are no longer a community of just 25. Today we’re 200,000+, making Mind the Product the largest community of product people in the world, something we’re extremely proud of.

We’re also proud to maintain our original mission – to come together to further our craft and to help you build products people love. We do this via our conferences, ProductTank meetups and content, much of which is free of charge.

The audience at mtpcon London
We love spending time with the product community at our conferences and meetups. Sadly, lockdown is making this impossible

Now, in order to take our content to the next level, we’re making some important changes – changes that will come at a cost to us as we work harder to garner the insights and knowledge from the very best minds in the business.

With Mind the Product Membership we believe we will transform the way we create and deliver content, enabling us to give you, our community, so much more.

Why Memberships and Why Now?

Like us, you’ll already be aware of paywalls and subscription models because they’re everywhere and they have been for many years. In a recent article on The New Yorker, editor Michael Lou said: “subscription-based publications can focus on producing journalism worth paying for,” and this is exactly what we promise our membership will help us to do.

Mind the Product Membership will help to ensure that we can invest in, and continue to create top-quality content, well into the future.

When you become a member you’ll help us to deliver fresh insights, data-driven content and deep reporting, to tackle vital topics, to provide exclusive access to talented product leaders and mentors, and to handpick the stories and subjects that really matter to you. You’ll be able to cut through the noise and access the best content for your interests and experience.

The reason we’re introducing our membership program now is that COVID-19 has (rather impolitely) required us to reprioritise our backlog, where the idea has been living for some time.

Historically, we’ve been able to provide a lot of great content for free because of the support of the community and ProductTank organisers but crucially also thanks to the resources and the team paid for by our conferences and events. However, as you can imagine, with 1.5 billion people under lockdown worldwide, events are a very difficult business to be in right now.

Until now, things such as our in-person training have enabled us to give much of our content away for free

We will continue to provide free content, but will also be diving deeper into topics that help us all to improve our craft, a process that takes time and effort. As product people, we want to tie that effort directly to the value we create for you and your career through a membership program that puts you at the centre of what we create.

There’s Something for Everyone

It goes without saying that, just as we always have, we want to continue to provide free content to the community. This means you can still access blog posts from our trusted guest authors, global ProductTank events run by our amazing volunteers, jobs postings to help you find your next product role, and selected videos to help you learn and develop your skills, absolutely free.

What we will be introducing are three levels of membership, each designed to give you a greater choice of quality content, exclusive benefits, and more:

  1. Insider: Hone your craft with access to the guest-authored blog posts and ProductTank videos you already know and love plus more – FREE upgrade
  2. Prioritised: Level up your career with premium content, access to product experts, and by connecting with peers tackling similar challenges to you. You’ll get this, all the Insider benefits, plus more!
  3. MTP Leader: Lead with confidence with premium content, experts, and connections focused on the unique challenges of product leadership. You’ll get this, all the Prioritised benefits, plus more!

Curious? For detailed information, pricing for Prioritised and MTP Leader membership, and to find the answers to any questions you might have, take a look –  explore our membership plans!

We’re Asking for Your Support

It’s taken us 10 years to build this incredible community and we’d love to see it grow long into the future. To do this, we know we need to work with the best product minds around the world to provide you with the best content in the industry.

If there are any bumps in the road as we roll out this product, we’ll smooth them out quick-sharp, and we welcome your feedback as you begin to enjoy our new offering.

By becoming a member today you can help us to share important learnings on building awesome products, successful teams, and careers that people love so that we can move the craft of product management forward together.

We really hope you’ll support us so that we can rebuild and survive.

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